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Best Ways to Store Bedding

Best Ways to Store Bedding

White storage bed
Bedding can be bulky and inconvenient to store, especially if you have several sheet sets and blankets for multiple beds in the house. Even if you have a linen closet, it can be difficult to keep things organized. If you don't have a linen closet, storing bedding can be an even bigger headache.
White storage bed

Before you start looking for storage accessories or pulling everything out of closets, keep a few tips in mind. First, assess the amount of bedding you currently have. Sort through it and weed out items you won’t use again, such as an unmatched pillowcase or a lonesome flat sheet. Then you’re ready to start organizing! Check out this guide for tips and tricks on a variety of storage options to keep your bedding neat and organized.

Linen Closet Storage

If you have a linen closet with enough room to store all of your bedding, you may still struggle with keeping it organized. Bunching all of your linens into the closet is probably the quickest way to store them, but it’s unsightly, it takes up more space, and it costs you valuable time searching for what you need. Below are a few suggestions for ways to get the most out of your linen closet space. Check out our guide on How to Organize Your Linen Closet for more.

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are excellent for organizing and storing bedding. When you use baskets, you can easily separate bedding by room or type. Label the baskets by bed size (e.g. queen, king, full), or by room (e.g. guest room, master bedroom, kid’s room) to ensure you grab the correct basket. Their portability is perfect for moving from room to room when it’s time to change bedding. Additionally, lidded wicker baskets allow stacking to utilize vertical space.

Under Shelf Baskets

If your linen closet already has shelves, under-shelf baskets are the perfect bedding storage to help you stay organized. Most of these baskets are made of wire, which allow you to easily see what’s where. They’re very easy to install, move, and remove, which makes customization a snap. It’s simple to separate bedding in individual baskets and take advantage of empty space under your shelves.

Bedroom Storage

For easy access, store bedding in its respective bedroom closet. For instance, if the spare bedroom has a full bed, place all full bed sheets in that room’s closet. If you have limited space in the closet, use vacuum-seal bags, especially in spare or guest bedrooms that you may not use as often.

Hanging Organizer

Make storing bedding simple with a hanging organizer with cubbies, and you can tidy up your linen closet in no time. One advantage of using a hanging organizer is that you can see everything you have at a glance.

Storage Bed

With drawers built in under your bed, putting away and storing your bedding will become second nature. You’ll never have to remember which closet or box you stored your favorite winter blanket in ever again.

Under-the-Bed Storage

Keep bedding neatly stored and within easy reach with sleek under-the-bed storage boxes. These storage boxes make it easy to separate bedding by season, style, or type. Some under-the-bed storage accessories are pretty enough to peek out from under your bed yet slim enough to tuck away when needed.

Storage Bench

A storage bench offers the benefits of both seating and hidden bedding. Store extra blankets, pillows, and sheets in a bench that matches your bedroom decor. Place the bench at the foot of your bed to keep your bedding close at hand. Or if you have a seating area in your bedroom, opt for a storage ottoman, which is another great way to store bedding.

Other Storage Solutions

If you’re short on closet space, there are plenty of other ways to store your bedding. From simple shelves to stylish armoires, there’s a storage solution that will fit your needs.


Even if you’re low on closet space, you can still keep your bedding in one place with an armoire. An armoire is a stylish way to centralize all of your bedding and linens while maintaining the consistency of your furniture style and decor. Shelves and drawers provide plenty of places to separate, stack, and store bedding.


For guest rooms and children’s rooms, bedding storage may be as simple as using what you already have. An empty bottom drawer is a perfect place to keep bedding for that particular room. The best part this storage solution is that you don’t have to search very far to find exactly what you need.

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