Best Warm and Stylish Boots for Winter

Best Warm and Stylish Boots for Winter

Winter boots
Once it gets colder, warm and stylish women's boots are a necessity, especially when the snow covers the ground. Even practical boots meant for ice and snow can be fashionable and comfortable. Whether you are looking for women's boots to wear in the snow and rain or just to keep your feet warm on chilly days, here are a few styles that will complete your winter wardrobe.
Winter boots

Winter Women’s Boots:

Snow Boots

When shopping for warm and stylish snow boots, it’s essential you find a pair that’s waterproof. For snowshoeing, sledding, making snowmen, or walking around town on a snowy day, snow boots will keep you from getting wet, cold feet. Snow boots come in a variety of fashionable styles and colors, and many have rubber soles for added traction and durability.

Rain Boots

Rain boots are becoming increasingly stylish, with new patterns and colors available. You can find a variety of waterproof boots for winter weather and add fleece liners to make them even more comfortable and warm. If you live in an area with snow, be sure to find a rain boot that has good tread on the bottom to prevent slipping. Tuck your jeans into polka dot or striped rain boots for a whimsical look and add a complementary raincoat to stay warm and dry. Some rain boots have a high heel, which makes them perfect for wearing with sweater dresses or wooly skirts.

Sheepskin Boots

These are incredibly comfortable, almost like wearing a pair of slippers. Some sheepskin boots lace up or feature faux-fur trim and cable-knitted patterns. Sheepskin boots are usually not waterproof and can discolor, so they are best for areas with little snow, although they will keep your feet very warm and are wonderful for icy temperatures. Look for good traction with all women’s boots to keep you from slipping on icy sidewalks.

Sweater Boots

Knit boots are usually shaped similarly to sheepskin boots, with flat soles and a shaft that’s either mid-calf height or knee high. They have a slouchy, casual feel that is perfect for cozy days or apres ski evenings by the fireplace.