Best Wall Sconce for Your Living Room

Best Wall Sconce for Your Living Room

Wall sconce in living room
You can add elegant, space-saving lighting to your home by hanging a wall sconce or two in your living room. Whether you want old-fashioned candle wall sconces for a rustic feel or contemporary wall sconces to complement your modern decor, you can create a pleasant atmosphere with the right lighting. These tips will help you choose the best wall sconce for your living room.
Wall sconce in living room

Choosing a Wall Sconce:


Consider Your Home’s Decor

Wrought-iron wall sconces with elaborate scrollwork and candles may be stunning in a Victorian-era home, but they might look out of place in a laid-back living room. If you’re unsure which sconce lighting will work best, buy a chrome wall sconce with a simple glass shade; this style is classic enough to work with a variety of styles.


Decide on the Best Placement

Where you put your sconces will affect the size you choose as well as the number of fixtures you need to buy. One of the most popular places to put sconces in above a fireplace, with a pair flanking a large mirror. A pair flanking a large piece of art over a sofa is also popular. If you just want to add one sconce, look for a corner that could use a bit more light, possibly by a bookshelf that you’d like to illuminate.


Think About the Amount of Light You’ll Need

If you want to create mood lighting or complement the lamps you already have in your living room, candle wall sconces are the perfect option. For brighter light, especially if you’ll be visiting with friends and family, you’ll want a wall sconce with a clear glass shade; you can even look for bronze wall sconces that feature two or more light fixtures for extra light.


Choose a Finish You Like

A bronze wall sconce will give your home an old-fashioned touch, while brass wall sconces will give you a polished, modern look. If you’re looking for heavy, rustic light fixtures to complement your fireplace and wooden furniture, buy wrought-iron wall sconces; this type of sconce lighting can also work well with classic decor. If you find a chrome wall sconce you like that looks too simple, you can always dress it up by changing the shade.


Buy the Right Size

Even if you’re buying contemporary wall sconces to create more light in your dark living room, a sconce with several bulbs may be too overpowering for a small space. Keep walking space in mind, too, as you shop; styles that protrude from the wall or feature long swinging arms for adjusting the light can cramp the area around your furniture. You’ll also want to choose wall sconces that provide plenty of light but doesn’t distract from your other decor.