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Best Wall Ideas for Baby's Room

by Tricia Goss


With the arrival of your new baby drawing closer, you'll want to do everything you can to prepare, including furnishing and decorating the baby nursery. A baby nursery that is filled with all the right touches will give your infant a bright and beautiful place to start life. The wall decor can set the mood for the entire room, so start with art and decorations that are fun, interesting, unique and special.

  1. Wall art appliques. Removable wall decor appliques and decals offer some of the best ideas for a baby's room. Printed plastic and vinyl wall decals come in a variety of colors and designs. Opt for a themed collection of wall art images and create your own mural, which you can easily rearrange or remove as your child grows and you want to change the room. There are also decals that display words or phrases, such as well-known lines from nursery rhymes, prayers or beloved children's books. These look especially precious when posted on the wall above a baby's crib or cradle and can set the theme for the whole room.

  2. Framed art. As in any room, framed art can be the best way to add interest and beauty to nursery walls. Art is always personal, so choose a piece or grouping that speaks to you and your family. A lovely print of a mother and child or a toddler with a stuffed toy might move you, or you may prefer something whimsical and bright. If you have not yet settled on a theme or color for your baby's room, the perfect piece of framed art could be your best inspiration.

  3. Quilts. You have probably contemplated in great detail, if not already selected, the bedding for your baby's room. What you might not have considered is using a pretty quilt to decorate the wall. Quilts make lovely wall hangings and, with elaborate patterns and multicolor pieces, they let you tie together several colors in the room. Find a large quilt that harmonizes with your nursery decor or arrange several smaller ones in a delightful wall grouping.

  4. Letters. It has long been popular to decorate a nursery with letters. Spell out your little one's name with lovely, polished silver letters hanging from ribbons above the crib or use bright, colorful letters to showcase the alphabet or your little one's initials. You can add letters to your child's nursery in a variety of ways, from hand-painting them right onto the wall to utilizing lovely lettered wallpaper.

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