Best Wall Art for Your Home

Best Wall Art for Your Home

Displaying wall art is a great way to have your home reflect your personality and taste. Mounting an old masterpiece or cutting-edge sculpture in your living room or dining room lets you show off your artistic prowess to friends and visitors. With so many styles and types of wall art to choose from, there are plenty of options out there you're sure to love. Here are a few tips for finding wall art that suits your needs.

Choosing Art for Your Home:


The Great Painters

If your style leans towards the grandeur of the past, then reproductions of timeless masters, such as Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent van Gogh, are a great way to add artistic appeal to your home. Use wall paintings by da Vinci, Michelangelo, and other old masters to decorate your formal living room or personal library, or grace an elegant living room with the colorful Impressionist works of Monet. If your home decor is more trendy and modern, add a bit of Picasso or Kandinsky into the mix.

Because these reproductions are meant to last, consider buying paintings that feature fade-resistant archival inks or other preservation methods.

Children’s Wall Art

Create a special kids’ zone for your child using children’s wall art. These art pieces often feature bright colors, simple shapes, and fun figures to appeal to the younger crowd. Hang a special gender-themed picture in your child’s bedroom to help customize it, or place a gender neutral piece in a playroom. Give your kids motivation as they get up each morning by choosing from a variety of wall pictures that feature inspirational sayings for children.

Wall Photography

Attractive wall pieces are not just limited to paintings. Diversify your wall collection by choosing from among the numerous available artistic photographs. Framed wall pictures that feature images of nature or intriguing figures are great additions to a home office or hallway. Add either a canvas style photograph for a contemporary room, or choose a framed picture that complements the existing furniture color in the room.

Contemporary Wall Art

Contemporary wall art ranges from abstract pictures to scenes from nature or city life. Some focus on the small and are a great way to highlight your love of detail and the little things in life. Black and white contemporary pieces keep the color concept of your room simple with stark contrast. Other wall art provides bursts of color that stand out among the simple, smooth shapes of your contemporary decor.

Consider adding an impressive canvas triptych above your couch or bed to add style to a modern living room or bedroom, or even a five-part piece to decorate a larger space.

Vintage Wall Art

If you have a healthy nostalgia for the good old days, choose from a variety of vintage wall decor to keep the best of the past always in the present. Prints of vintage vehicles, flags, and drinks add personality and character to your workshop, traditional kitchen, or bedroom. You can even create a special “nostalgia” room for entertainment purposes.

Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art adds both intrigue and variety to your collection, and it enables you to create truly custom displays. For contemporary style rooms, add metal wall hangings. These can vary from interesting, abstract shapes to intricate insects and trees. Large wall stickers add fun to a garage, game room, or entertainment room. For easy installation and removal, consider vinyl, self-adhesive stickers. When applied to clean, white walls, properly added vinyl stickers can even give the appearance of paint.