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Best Uses for Night Vision

by Staff Writer

Outdoor night vision goggles

Human eyes are not adapted to see in the dark, making natural night vision difficult. Night vision devices, however, aid your eyesight in low lighting by amplifying the surrounding light. Night vision devices can also magnify objects so they will appear closer or detect body heat through infrared light, but the main use of night vision is to see things that your eye wouldn't normally be able to see in the dark or in low light. Many hobbies, and even some jobs, require night vision.

Using Night Vision Optics:

  1. Observing nocturnal wildlife: Many animals, including large predators, can typically only be seen at night because they are nocturnal. Both light amplification and thermal imaging can help you spot wildlife in the dark. Light amplification devices amplify light to help you see your surroundings, while thermal imaging detects the heat given off by animals and creates a visible image.

  2. Night hunting or fishing: Night vision devices can help you see your surroundings as well as the animals you're looking for, making night hunting or fishing easier. Some hunting and fishing gear even comes equipped with night vision devices specifically for nighttime use.

  3. Boating in foggy weather or at night: Being out on the water in bad weather or the dark can be particularly disorienting because there are no trees, rocks or other landmarks to guide you. Night vision devices can help you navigate the water safely by amplifying the light enough for you to find your way.

  4. Professional security or neighborhood watch programs: Keep an eye out for intruders or suspicious activities in your home, business or neighborhood with night vision. Light-amplifying devices can help you watch for danger in the dark, and thermal-imaging night vision can help you detect if someone is hiding.

  5. Camping: Night vision devices are useful while camping because they can help you see farther than the light from your campfire can. If you need to get up in the middle of the night, after they fire has died down, night vision goggles and scopes can help you navigate your way through the dark.

  6. Ghost hunting and paranormal research: In most ghost hunting activities, it's often necessary to navigate your way through a dark building. Use light-amplifying and infrared night vision devices to help you conduct your research safely.

  7. Search and rescue: Both light-amplifying and thermal-imaging night vision devices can help search and rescue teams locate a stranded or injured person in the dark.

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