Best Types of Leather in Furniture

Best Types of Leather in Furniture

Best Types of Leather in Furniture
Leather furniture is a very popular choice for many families' living rooms. It's a look that has been popular for many years and will never go out of style. Different types of leather are used in furniture and each has its own characteristics. The type you should select depends on how you will use the furniture. In addition to personal preferences concerning aesthetics, consider your family's lifestyle when choosing leather furniture. Are you confused about which kind of leather furniture is right for you? This article will help you learn the best types of leather in furniture.
Best Types of Leather in Furniture

Best Leather for Furniture:


Full-grain leather is used in only the highest quality furniture. This leather undergoes no processing or sanding to remove discoloration. Full-grain leather makes for tough, long-lasting furniture. If you have children and pets and anticipate using the furniture in high-traffic rooms, the durability of full-grain leather may appeal to you.


If you’ve ever seen a piece of furniture sporting a “genuine leather” tag, it’s most likely a piece of furniture covered in split-grain leather. Split-grain leather often has the same pattern discoloration as full-grain leather, but it isn’t as tough. It comes from the lower half of hides, making it softer but less durable than full-grain leather.


Aniline leather is usually full-grain leather that has been treated with dye. This dye hides any imperfections in the leather. It is a common choice for people who want to buy high-quality leather furniture but prefer a more uniform color. Aniline leather is usually softer and more supple than other types of leather due to the dye treatment, but it has the potential to fade if exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.


If you have children or pets at home, pigmented leather furniture is your best bet for great looking, long-lasting furniture. It is lower-grade leather dyed to hide all color imperfections. This gives the leather a shiny outer coat. It’s stiff to the touch initially, but it softens with use. Pigmented leather is also resistant to stains and liquids.