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Best Tubes for Boating

by Craig Blake

A man riding a towable tube behind a boat

Boating has become a favorite pastime for summer adventurers. But before your boating vacation is complete, make sure you have tubes to tow behind your boat. Turn any boating trip into an exhilarating thrill ride with tubes in every shape and size. Whether your boating trip is a family affair with rambunctious teens or a gathering of friends, towable tubes are a bundle of fun for any age group. Before you embark on your next boating trip, consider what towable tubes would be best for you.

Tubes for Boating:

  1. One-person tubes: For the brave at heart, one-person towables are the water tube of choice. Just enough space for one person to hold on for dear life, the light weight of one-person tubes will guarantee a wild ride. If general excitement is the most important factor in your selection, one-person tubes are absolutely the way to go. Show your friends why you are the ultimate tubing champion.

  2. Two-person tubes: As you skip through the water on a wily two-person towable tube, you can always hope the other person falls off first. Two-person tubes add a fun social element to tubing. Whether you are clinging to each another or competing for rights to the water tube, two-person tubes make tubing with your friends an exciting social experience. Although they won't skim through the water quite as wildly as a one-person towable tube, the extra stability of two-person tubes might be appreciated. But make no mistake; two-person tubes won't let you off easy. Better hold on tight!

  3. Three-person tubes: For large boating trips, three-person tubes are perfect to ensure everyone gets to participate without long waits. No one wants to lounge on the boat when there is tubing fun to be had, so bring a three-person water tube and nix the waiting. Although three-person tubes are slightly less maneuverable than smaller versions, you can still give the tubers the ride of their lives. This is an especially effective way to persuade timid tubers to give it a try. They'll love sharing the excitement of holding onto a towable tube with two friends. When you're tubing, three isn't a crowd; it's a party.

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