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Best Travel Bags for Flying

by Craig Blake

A man hurries to his flight with his trusty travel bag

Travel bags are a crucial part of your traveling repertoire. Especially when you are boarding a long-distance flight, you are going to want a A man hurries to his flight with his trusty travel bag that can carry everything you need. There is such a wide range of travel bags to choose from since travel bags come in a variety of materials and styles. Whether you want a leather bag or duffle bag, it won't be difficult to find one perfect for you. Don't settle with just any old bag you have laying around; get a travel bag you'll be happy to take on your next trip. Before you make a decision, consider some of the varieties available to you.

Travel Bags for Air Travel:

  1. Duffle bag: Duffle bag-style travel bags are great for flexible travelers. If your travel requirements change from trip to trip, a duffle bag is a great choice. The large compartment inside makes it possible to store virtually everything of any shape. Whether you are packing extra clothes or bringing along carry-on items, you won't have any trouble fitting most anything into a duffle bag. Some duffle bags are even small enough to carry on the plane for easy access. Duffle bags are a perfect travel bag for jack-of-all trade travelers who need something to fit whatever they have.

  2. Travel tote: Travel totes are great items to take on a plane because they are generally small and won't even count as a carry-on. Most airlines allow one carry-on bag and another purse or backpack. Travel tote travel bags easily fit in the purse or backpack category, but they are large enough to hold any travel essentials you would like to have on-hand. You can get a travel tote in nearly every color, design and shape, so you'll have no trouble finding one you'll like. Some of these travel bags even come with wheels for easy transport; however, wheeled travel totes might be large enough to classify as a carry-on.

  3. Vanity bag or cosmetic case: For a long flight, you might appreciate the easy access of cosmetic cases or toiletry bags. With these items close at hand, you won't have to worry about rustling through your carry-on luggage or wishing you hadn't checked them.

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