Best Christmas Toys for Boys in 2017

Best Christmas Toys for Boys in 2017
When you're shopping for the perfect gift for your son, grandson, or nephew, remember that the best Christmas toys for boys will spark their creativity and provide hours of fun. When you're Christmas shopping this year, be sure to put a few of these cool toys for boys on your list.

Best Christmas Toys for Boys in 2017

Action Figures

Superhero action figures are very popular and are great for imaginary play. They help kids develop problem-solving skills as they create stories for their action figures to play in. This type of play is also good for language development, since children essentially become the voice of their favorite superhero. As a bonus, action figures make for great stocking stuffers!

Toy Vehicles

Boys of all ages love toy vehicles. From bulldozing with a truck to creating a new world with a train set, your boy will find countless ways to enjoy this type of toy. Choose larger trucks for young children and smaller racecars and model trains for older kids. Toy cars, trucks, and trains provide endless opportunities for imaginative play.

Toy Play Sets

A toy play set is a collection of figurines and accessories — with coordinating buildings, vehicles, and scenery — that provides a place where a young boy’s imagination can come to life. Toy play sets are educational toys that teach children valuable social skills and encourage creativity. With a wide variety of themes, you can choose a toy play set that will entertain your son or nephew for years to come.

Remote Control Toys

From cars to helicopters, remote control toys are favorite Christmas gifts for boys every year. For younger kids, choose RC toys that are already assembled and have a simple remote. For kids ages 14 and up, as well as for adult hobbyists, look for kits that will let them build their own RC toys. Check out this guide to learn more about the Best Remote Control Toys for Christmas 2017.

Forts & Play Tents

Kids love having a secret hiding place, and forts are the perfect solution. They come in a variety of styles, including bed tents and build-a-fort sets. An indoor play tent is ideal for indoor playrooms, especially during bad weather. Choose an outdoor play tent if you want a fort that can be set up in the backyard.

Building Sets

Building sets, construction toys, and blocks provide hours of open-ended creativity. Building toys enhance and encourage problem solving skills for kids of all ages. When shopping for a building set, pay attention to the age recommendations. Some sets have designs that are easy for toddlers and preschoolers to use, while other sets are designed for children 6 years old and up.


Whether he’s cruising the neighborhood or the park, your boy’s scooter delivers non-stop fun. They are available in models that are suited for children as young as 3 years old. For younger children, look for small scooters that have good balance support. For older kids who want to easily cruise around the streets, opt for electric scooters.

Dress Ups

From plastic swords and shields to the full superhero costume, boys of all ages enjoy playing pretend. Make his fantasy become more real with costumes and dress-up supplies. Dress-up play fosters your child’s imagination, so watch his confidence grow as he impersonates his favorite hero.

Sports Balls

From a very young age, children are naturally drawn to balls. Sports balls are a great way to teach boys of all ages active skills and to encourage physical exercise. This type of play exercise improves hand-eye coordination and produces endorphins, which help children to feel happy.

Kids’ Electronics

For children who are always begging to play with your laptop, tablet, or camera, there are kid-friendly electronic devices designed just for them. Now kids can have their own computers, tablets, and smart watches that offer safe entertainment on devices that look like the real thing. There is also a wide variety of electronic handheld games, digital cameras, and interactive toys that offers your kids a high-tech experience with toys tailored to them.

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