Best Christmas Toys for Boys

Best Christmas Toys for Boys

Best Christmas Toys for Boys
Christmas toys for boys should spark creativity and provide hours of fun. This Christmas, get your son, grandson, nephew, or little brother a cool toy that encourages his imagination and makes him happy. Keep reading to find the perfect gift for any boy on your Christmas list.
Best Christmas Toys for Boys

Dress Ups

Young kids love to play dress up and encouraging them to do so can help them develop a healthy imagination. With a dress up set from you, the boy you’re shopping for can pretend he’s a deep sea diver, a knight in shining armor, a funny clown, or something else entirely. Many sets are even made to dress children up like professionals such as police officers, soldiers, and dentists. Whatever the kid dreams of being, you can find a dress up set that will liven up his creative play.

Toy Vehicles

From toy bulldozers to model trains, toy vehicles make great gifts for boys. With a miniature vehicle, the boy on your list can create small landscapes in his sandbox, drive action figures through an imaginary city in his bedroom, and wildly demolish towers made of building blocks. The countless ways to enjoy toy vehicles make them excellent gifts for rowdy kids as well as mild youngsters. Large toy trucks are best for young children, but an older boy might prefer a smaller racecar or model train.

Action Figures

Action figures are very popular gifts because they look awesome and encourage imaginative play. Boys love inventing adventures for their figures and making up stories with them. In younger boys, these activities help develop problem-solving and language skills. Whether the boy you’re shopping for loves superheroes, animals, giant robots, or goofy cartoons, an action figure that matches his interests will make a great Christmas present or stocking stuffer.

Video Games

Boys of all ages love video games, so a new game is a surefire Christmas gift for any boy. While shopping, be sure to check the ratings of games you’re about to buy. Games with “E” ratings are made for everyone, though older kids might find some E-rated games boring. For older boys, consider games with “E 10+” or “T” ratings. Sports games, cartoony action games, and educational games often fall into these ratings, so it’s easy to find the perfect video game for the boy on your list.

Toy Play Sets

Play sets provide boys with full collections of toys. These sets are usually themed and come with coordinated figurines, accessories, and trinkets. Some recreate famous movie scenes, complete with toy characters, while others are themed around specific occupations. If the boy you’re shopping for dreams of becoming a dancer, a chef, or an astronaut when he grows up, a playset that encourages his dream will make a great gift.

Remote Control Toys

From cars to helicopters, remote control toys are fun and interactive Christmas gifts. For younger kids, choose RC toys that are already assembled and have simple controls. For boys age 14 and up, look for kits that let them build their own RC toys. If the boy you’re shopping for is responsible and has a special affinity for remote control gadgets, he might even like to get a drone for Christmas. Check out this guide to learn more about the Best Remote Control Toys for Christmas.

Board Games

For a Christmas gift that encourages social interaction, exercises the mind, and provides hours of entertainment, get the boy on your list a board game. Because board games range from simple to complex, it’s easy to find the perfect game for a child of any age. For a toddler, consider an exciting but easy game that only has a few pieces. For older children, more complicated games can help them learn how to solve difficult problems, spend money wisely, and strategize while having fun.

Forts & Play Tents

Every kid can use a secret hiding place where he can read, play, and stash treasures, so forts and play tents make great Christmas gifts for boys. Both tents and forts come in a variety of sizes and styles, including bed tents and build-a-fort sets. Small play tents are ideal for indoor playrooms, especially during bad weather, and large outdoor forts can be used as fun clubhouses for small groups of neighborhood boys.

Building Sets

Building sets, construction toys, and blocks inspire hours of open-ended creativity. These toys can enhance and encourage problem-solving skills in kids. Some sets are even designed to teach children about things like electricity and computer circuits. When shopping for a building set, pay attention to the age recommendations. Some sets are easy for toddlers and preschoolers to use, while others are designed for children that are at least 6 years old.

Art Supplies

Children of all ages love to paint and draw, so art supplies make excellent Christmas gifts for toddlers and teenagers alike. If you’re gift shopping for an older boy with promising artistic abilities, gifting high-quality pencils and fresh paintbrushes is a great way to support his creative endeavors. For a preschooler who still has trouble drawing inside the lines of coloring books, consider finger paints, chalk, or markers instead.

Bikes & Scooters

Whether for or cruising around the neighborhood, going to the park, or starting a paper route, a kid’s bike or scooter is an important part of his life. This Christmas, make sure the boy on your list has a bike or scooter he can rely on. An almost endless variety of models are available, with options for children as young as 3 years old. For younger children, look for designs with good balance and support. For older kids who want to race up and down the street, opt for electric scooters or bikes with several gears.

Sports Equipment

Sports combine physical exercise with mental activity, so sports equipment is a great Christmas gift for any boy. If you’re shopping for a kid who hasn’t had a chance to discover his favorite sport yet, you can introduce him to a healthy new hobby by getting him a football or basketball. For an older boy who plays on a little league team or enjoys watching a specific sport, get him something like a new mitt, some shoulder pads, or a pair of cleats that he can use when he plays with his friends.

Kids’ Electronics

For children who are always begging to play with your laptop, tablet, or camera, there are kid-friendly electronic devices designed just for them. Now kids can have their own computers, tablets, and smart watches that offer safe entertainment on devices that look like the real thing. There is also a wide variety of electronic handheld games, digital cameras, and interactive toys that offers your kids a high-tech experience with toys tailored to them.