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Toddler Christmas Gifts Your Little One Will Love

Toddler Christmas Gifts Your Little One Will Love

toddler boy and toddler boy play with pretend kitchen

Above all, toddlers love playtime. And believe it or not, play is more than just fun. It also helps toddlers learn essential social and emotional skills. Bring on the fun while encouraging your tot’s cognitive development with a beneficial toddler toy. Check out these popular toddler Christmas gifts to get your shopping list started.


Ride-on Toys for Motor Learning

plush rocking horse gift for toddlers

Toys that toddlers can push, pull, and ride on boost balance, improve coordination, and encourage active play. That makes them a toddler gift option that’s as fun as it is good for development. For older toddlers, look for toys that encourage independent play, such as tricycles and balance bikes. And for tinier tots, give a ride-on toy with a handle so you can push when their legs tucker out. Rocking horses and other stationary ride-on toys are both adorable nursery decor and entertaining at playtime.


Swing Sets for an Intro to Physics

indoor swing set with slide

Swing sets are popular toddler gifts because they provide an early lesson in the laws of physics. At this age, kids delight in this early intro to gravity as they zoom from top to bottom. Meanwhile, swinging helps develop spatial awareness and motor skills from gripping their hands and pumping their legs. Toddlers who are still learning to walk can also benefit from a swing set in they play room. An indoor playset provides a sturdy balance aid while young toddlers gain confidence on their feet.


Play Kitchens for Language Recognition & Make Believe

toddler plays at pretend kitchen

A play kitchen is an equally exciting Christmas gift for toddler girls and boys. Not only do pretend kitchens offer hours of imaginative play for your toddler, but they also encourage pretend play. Parents who play alongside their children can help identify shapes and colors, further promoting language and communication skills. Your toddler will enjoy making pretend meals, washing dishes, and putting away food in their toy kitchen.


Playhouses & Tents for Active Imaginations

two toddlers playing with foldable play tent

Whether inventing new worlds or playing hide and seek with siblings, a playhouse will become your toddler’s launch pad for imagination. Victorian homes and castles are popular playhouse designs for the backyard, while soft tents can nestle better in a play room. Some indoor play structures even feature fold-and-collapse designs, making storage easy. Whatever type of playhouse you choose, having a secret fort or hideaway will allow your toddler to develop creativity and imagination each time they play.


Bean Bags for Building Literacy Skills

adult reads book to toddler

Listening to stories and looking at pictures can be mesmerizing for little ones. Plus, the more words a child hears in toddler hood the more likely they are to excel when they enter kindergarten. As you read to your toddler at storytime, give them a comfy place to sit while they follow along with the pictures and words. Pick a pint-sized bean bag that’s just right for the nursery. Or if you want to snuggle up together, go for a giant bean bag chair for the living room.


Dollhouses for Collaboration & Organizational Skills

little girl playing with dollhouse

Spark your toddler’s imagination with a home for their doll or action figure family. A miniature toy house is a toddler Christmas gift full of possibilities. When playing alone, toddlers learn organizational skills as they swap furniture and accessories. And when they team up with siblings or friends, they learn to collaborate as they reenact storylines and invent narratives of their own.

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