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Best Things to Display on a Ladder Bookshelf

by Craig Blake

Ladder bookshelf with books and knick knacks

If you're in the market for a ladder bookshelf, then you are probably familiar with the functional style it can introduce to your home. A ladder bookshelf isn't just a perfect way to organize your odds and ends; it is a modern, chic piece of contemporary furniture you can use in just about every room in your home. Once you have some sleek ladder bookshelves, you'll need some stuff to display. Before you start stacking just any old thing you have lying around, here are some great ideas on how to best utilize your ladder bookshelves.

Ladder Bookshelf Decor:

  1. Books: Of course, you need to have some books. It is a bookshelf after all. Although a wide variety of books will look great on your leaning bookshelf, try to spice it up with some fashionable leather-bound books. Ladder shelves are modern enough to fashionably hold a variety of contemporary books, but having a few leather bound-books will add an old-fashioned contrast.

  2. Photos or original art: The shape of ladder bookshelves naturally draws the eye, so display some things you would like people to see. This is a perfect place for family photos, whether vintage black and white or a few bright pictures of family or close friends. If you have some original artwork of your own design or of a loved one, place it on a shelf that will put it at eye level.

  3. Plants: All bookshelves look great with bright green plants or flowers in a decorative pot or vase. Ladder shelves look even better, thanks to their modern, airy appearance. Plus, the natural look will contrast well with your other display items.

  4. Speakers: If you have a stereo or entertainment center sound system, some bookshelf speakers are perfect for ladder bookshelves. Place them at the bottom or the top for the perfect effect. Get a stylishly shaped speaker so it fits in with the rest of your room decor.

  5. Jewelry boxes: Shelves look great when they are decorated with unique jewelry boxes. Any type of decorative box will add some intrigue to your furniture bookshelf. Place it on a lower step of your ladder bookshelf as a space saver or even as a bookend.

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