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Best Tablets for Christmas

Best Tablets for Christmas

Gift giving will never be tough as long as tablets are around. Whether the person on your list is a tech wizard or just someone who likes to read, a tablet offers something for everyone. Your giftees can read their favorite books, play games, watch their favorite flicks, or get some work done on the go. These gems of the tech world are convenient, fun, and ready to serve any purpose, so we picked the best tablets to help you out with your holiday shopping.


Apple makes great tablets that are known for being reliable and easy to use. Their base model, the iPad, is recognized by many as the standard for tablet computing. With more than adequate screen size, memory, and processing speed, the basic iPad is a great fit for the average tablet user.

For the tech lover who wants something that travels light, the iPad mini is a no-brainer. Its smaller size and thin profile make it ideal for the avid reader who wants to keep multiple books on hand without the weight. This also makes it handy when browsing the internet at home or on the go.

The iPad Pro is a serious engine for the creative person who wants a tablet that takes high-quality photos, offers photo editing capabilities, and works at the speed of a desktop. The thin design makes it easily portable, and its next-level retina display makes for unbeatable clarity.

Android Tablets

There are many manufacturers of Android tablets, which allows for greater competition within this category. As a result, Android tablets are typically more affordable and have a greater range of available specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best of the best when it comes to speed and lightweight design on an Android operating system. It has an ultra-light build and easy experience that’s great for users of all skill levels. Pair this gift with an extra memory card so the person on your list can maximize their storage capabilities for movies, photos, and apps.

Other makers of Android tablets, like LG, will also have models targeting users different needs. Expect to pay a little extra for bigger screens and more robust built-in memory. When in doubt, buy more power to ensure your gift lasts for years to come.

Windows Tablets

Many computer users are already familiar with the Windows operating system from using their desktop PC or laptop. A Windows tablet provides the same familiar interface in a more convenient, portable, and touch-focused experience.  The iView has a large, vibrant screen that is the perfect display for photos, apps, and web browsing.

Kids’ Tablets

A tablet is a perfect tool for encouraging learning in young children. The easy-to-use touch screen interface makes this technology accessible to children of all ages. Kids’ tablets are meant to be more durable and typically come with either a plastic or foam case to protect from drops and dings. You’ll want to make sure that your gift has plenty of storage for a variety of apps, games, and videos.

On-Sale Tablets

Looking for a cheap tablet for Christmas? Since a tablet is meant to effectively replace a laptop or desktop computer, robust performance is key. If you gift an older tablet, make sure it can still handle multimedia-heavy tasks such as photo or video editing and gaming. To make the gift extra special, include a sturdy keyboard to replicate the feel of a laptop computer and increase your giftee’s productivity.

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