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Best Table Shape for the Kitchen or Dining Room

by Craig Blake

A classy dining table set

A kitchen or dining room table is often the centerpiece of the room. Chances are you are going to have the same table for many years, so when you are picking out the right table for your room, you are going to want to find a perfect fit. Most tables come in a few main shapes, so be sure to choose the one that is perfect for your family and kitchen or dining room over a long period of time.

Best Table Shapes:

  1. Round table: Few table designs are as classic as the round kitchen table. Although they come in several sizes, round dining tables are usually easy to fit in any room thanks to their curved edges. Plus, no seating space is used up by corners, so the table offers a more efficient use of space. You can fit a chair around every inch of a round table if you need to. If you want some more flexibility, some round kitchen tables can be extended and turned into a longer oval table by adding leaves to the middle.

  2. Square or rectangular table: A table with edges can fit perfectly into a corner of your room, and long rectangular tables have been popular for accommodating large numbers of guests for centuries. If you have a small kitchen or dining room or a small family, an intimate, small square table might be your perfect fit. If you plan for your family to grow or move into a larger home, get a table with leaves or drops that you can pull up into a rectangular shape. Another benefit of a square table is that each person sitting at the table will have plenty of room without anyone encroaching on their space.

  3. Oval table: Like a round table, the round edges of an oval dinner table make it easier to fit into rooms and to fit a large number of guests. If a round kitchen table isn't big enough or is too wide, this is your perfect choice. Like other dining room tables, many oval tables are able to be extended by inserting leaves in the center.

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