Best Sunroom Furnishing Ideas

Best Sunroom Furnishing Ideas
Sunrooms are often some of the most popular areas of any home. Large windows and garden views make sunrooms feel like outdoor retreats while still providing the cover and warmth of indoor rooms. Because sunrooms are connected more to the outdoors than any other room in your home, pick design elements and furniture that work with that theme. Below, you'll find some of the best sunroom furnishing ideas.

Best Sunroom Furnishing Ideas


One of the most important parts of a sunroom is the seating arrangement. Since you’ll likely want to spend many warm nights and bright days in your sunroom, you’ll need adequate seating. Sunrooms typically feature either wood furniture or wrought iron seating. When deciding what’s right for you, consider the overall look of the room as well as the intended comfort level. Wooden furniture with thick cushions is warmer and more comfortable than metal. A wicker sectional sofa with comfortable cushions will work well with the design of a sunroom. Alternatively, wrought iron benches and chairs give a modern look and feel to a room. Mismatched plush armchairs are a great way to bring both comfort and casual elegance to a sunroom.


When picking out tables for your sunroom, consider how you’re going to use the area. Choose a low table that can act as a coffee table for guests to set down their drinks. Tables with glass inserts match sunrooms well because of surrounding glass windows. Sunrooms are a popular place to go during parties and family get-togethers, so consider adding a small dining table and chairs to the room for meals.

Design Elements

Although sunrooms are indoors, they tie in the nature and wonder of the outdoors. Choose design elements that bring both sun and nature into the room. Wicker planters can hold plants of your choice. Place planters on side tables and on the floor next to entrances to give an inviting impression as guests enter the room. Artwork can change a bland sunroom into something charming and interesting. Look for paintings and sculptures that incorporate colors and themes from the surrounding decor.