Best Space Heaters for Bedrooms

Best Space Heaters for Bedrooms
Why shiver under the covers when you can use space heaters to quickly warm up your bedroom? Today's heaters are much safer and more energy-efficient than ever before, which makes them a great solution for chilly homes. Whether you want electric space heaters with built-in ventilators for convenience or oil space heaters for cost-effective heating, the following suggestions will help you find space heaters that work in your home and are easy to use. Read on for tips on finding the best space heaters for bedrooms.

Best Space Heaters for Bedrooms

Bedroom Space Heaters:

Choose oil space heaters for quick, long-lasting heat.

If you like to warm up your bedroom at night before going to sleep, you’ll love the convenience of oil space heaters. Using diathermic oil, which allows heat to transfer freely, these energy-efficient space heaters heat air quickly and take up very little space in your bedroom. Oil-filled heaters also produce residual heat for a little while after being turned off because oil retains heat well. The best space heaters will include 24-hour timers so you can warm your bedroom both at night and in the morning when you’re waking up.

Buy radiant space heaters to warm you and your family directly.

Radiant space heaters are perfect for bedrooms because they are designed to heat objects and occupants of the room, not the air in the room. These types of electric space heaters use infrared radiation to heat the people in their line of sight, which is particularly useful when you’re reading in bed or sitting in the same position awhile. Radiant space heaters feature quartz tubes or halogen bulbs, which allows these portable space heaters to run at a lower wattage than other heaters can.

Purchase a ceramic space heater for a safe, cool-to-the-touch unit.

When you want to warm your child’s room but worry about him being burned by traditional portable space heaters, you’ll want to buy a ceramic space heater. This type of heater heats ceramic plates inside the unit and then spreads the warm air throughout the room. A ceramic space heater does not contain coils, which allows the unit to stay cooler than other types, and many styles move like oscillating fans to distribute the heat evenly in the room. For energy-efficient space heaters, look for ceramic models that have adjustable thermostats and automatic shut-off features.

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