Best Running Shoes for Women with High Arches

a couple running on a bridge
When you're jogging and running, you need a pair of running shoes that will provide you with comfort and protect you from injury, especially if you have high arches. With high arches, your feet are primarily supported by the ball of the foot and heel only, rather than your whole foot when you're running. As a result, your feet don't absorb shock as well. You'll want to look for the right running shoes to eliminate excessive strain on your joints and muscles and to reduce your chance of injury. Women with high arches need the right athletic shoes to support their feet properly and cushion every stride.

a couple running on a bridge

Running Shoes for High Arches:

Adequate cushioning:

Cushioning is the most important feature to look for in a women’s running shoe. Your high arches lack natural shock absorption, so look for athletic shoes with features such as added cushioning and extra shock absorption. Running shoes with a rear foot grid provide ample cushioning. Shoes with cushioning in the midsoles help absorb more shock and feature a curved shape on the bottom of the sole, which helps you achieve a normal running motion. Women’s running shoes with stability or motion-control features may not be helpful for high arches, as they can throw off your natural rhythm.

Flex and bend:

A flexible running shoe will provide you with the comfort and movement needed to energize your run. Look for women’s athletic shoes featuring soft midsoles and solid rubber forefoot soles that provide both flexibility and durability in the shoe. Breathable mesh running shoes are often more flexible than other running shoes, and mesh running shoes prevent your feet from overheating.

Ask about neutral shoes:

Neutral running shoes are specifically designed for runners with high arches who don’t need active support inside their shoe. Neutral shoes have no medial post, stability features or motion control. Neutral shoes feature a wider base for soft smooth strides and superior cushioning to help center your heel on impact. Other valuable features, like insoles that stay dry (to help you avoid blisters) and air-shock-absorption systems, can also be found in neutral running shoes.

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