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Best Rooms for a Chaise

by Craig Blake

A comfortable chaise lounge in a living room

When you want to relax and read a book or lounge in front of the fire, a chaise is the perfect piece of home furniture for the job. The soft, curved backrest and extended footrest on a chaise makes it the ideal location to simply sit back and relax. Plus, the curved shape and customary leather or fabric upholstery of a chaise lounge adds an extra level of comfort you can't get anywhere else. Although the living room is probably the most popular location for your chaise, there is no reason why such a comfortable piece of furniture shouldn't be used in other rooms throughout your home. Here are some ideas beyond the living room on how to spread the comfort.

Placing a Chaise Lounge:

  1. Home library: If you are lucky enough to have a small or large home library, it would be a terrible waste to not utilize the comfort of chaise furniture. Even if you don't have the space for an entire home library, you can create a small one just by placing a few book cases around the area surrounding your chaise sofa. Either way, a chaise is one of the best places to enjoy your next adventure novel.

  2. Family room: Considering the family room is one of the most popular places to watch television or movies, it is a wonder that chaises aren't more widely used in the family room. Pull up a double chaise for extra visitors or even a chaise sectional to mix up the rest of the furniture. You'll love sinking into a luxurious leather chaise for the big game. Watching a movie shouldn't be a stressful moment, so why not leave some space to stretch out those legs and enjoy some entertainment?

  3. Bedroom: If you think the bed is the only comfortable furniture you are allowed to have in your room, it's time to change your ways. Chaise chairs look fantastic in a bedroom, maybe placed at an angle with your bed to make it stand out. Make your bedroom more than a room to sleep in by adding other comfortable places for you to sit.

  4. Bar: If you have a bar, add some comfort to the room with a hip chaise lounge. Although the bar stools and countertop might be the most popular gathering spot in your bar or lounge, your chaise will immediately become the seat of choice among friends and family.

  5. Patio: There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to be comfortable outside. Instead of setting up a variety of camp chairs, try putting an outdoor chaise or two on your deck or patio. You're friends will love sitting on your chaises during a barbeque or gathering -- that is, if you don't get there first!

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