Best Ride-On Toys for Kids for Christmas

Best Ride-On Toys for Kids for Christmas

5 Best Ride-On Toys for Kids for Christmas
From rocking horses to small-scale motorized cars, ride-on toys satisfy your little one's need for speed while encouraging outdoor activity and building confidence. Check out our list of fun ride-on toys as you search for the perfect Christmas gift for the children in your life.
5 Best Ride-On Toys for Kids for Christmas

Manual Ride-On Toys

Foot-Powered Cars and Carts

When you purchase a ride-on toy for your child this Christmas, your popularity will soar. A little red wagon or a push car that is moved by little feet is a classic choice for small kids. For your most energetic giftee, a wiggle car – which uses centrifugal force and lots of wiggling in order to move – is a great choice for the ultimate playtime workout.

Rocking Horses

Rocking horses are timeless additions to any playroom and give kids a chance to engage in some imaginative play. While it’s called a “rocking horse,” this style of swaying ride-on toy comes in a variety of unique designs and styles. You may choose a classic horse or another exotic animal, depending on your child’s interests and how their play space is decorated.

Hopping Toys

Few things are more fun for a kid than toys that let them hop and bounce wherever they want to go. From brightly colored hoppy balls to ultra-springy pogo sticks, your child will love the exhilaration and fun these toys provide. They also encourage kids to play outdoors and get some exercise.

Powered Ride-On Toys

Motorized Cars

Motorized ride-on cars put some real power into your kids’ hands. Motorized cars for kids aren’t just tons of fun, but they can also help teach kids responsibility. There are plenty of cool and interesting models to choose from when it comes to kids’ cars, ranging from simple, generic styles to licensed miniature replicas of real-life vehicles.


If your child is more of the thrill-seeking type, you might consider gifting them a functioning ride-on motorcycle toy. Ride-on motorcycles for kids feature plenty of safety features and are designed to keep them from going too fast. Even with all those precautions, always make sure your child is wearing a helmet whenever they go for a ride.


The perfect choice for backyards and rough terrain, child-size ATVs are designed to handle a variety of different landscapes without a problem. Your child will love the sense of adventure and excitement they get while cruising over rocky paths, bumpy lawns, or open fields in their own ATV. As with all ride-on toys, it is recommended you keep a close eye on your kids while they play.