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Best Resistance Chair Workouts

by Craig Blake

Woman working out using a resistance chair

When it comes building toned muscles, a resistance chair is a key part of an effective home gym. Using a resistance chair not only helps you build defined and larger muscles; it also helps strengthen stabilizer muscles by using elastic bands that force your muscles to balance while undergoing resistance. Combined with a healthy diet and cardio workouts, a resistance chair exercise machine can be a key factor in a healthy lifestyle. Once you have your resistance chair, get started with some basic and effective resistance exercise. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Resistance Chair Exercises:

  1. Chest press: A chest-press resistance workout is similar to doing a bench press on a conventional weight bench. Sit in the chair, gripping the handles of the resistance chair over the top of the handles, with your thumb hooked inside and your fingers and palm completely over the top of the handle. This ensures the workout is centralized on your chest and triceps, not your shoulders. Holding the handles, extend your arms straight forward against the resistance of the bands, then slowly bring your arms back to your side in a controlled motion. Repeat this workout for as many repetitions and sets as you choose. A good way to start is to do three sets of 10 repetitions each.

  2. Bicep curl: This resistance exercise is similar to doing curls with free weights. Hook the band so it is beneath the resistance chair, then fit your fingers through the handles, with your thumb over the top. After you have a good grip, stand straight up and pull the bands toward either side of your chest, with your arms coming straight up. Make sure to keep your back straight and do not bend at the hips.

  3. Abdominal crunch: A resistance chair is one of the best pieces of exercise equipment to workout abs. Pull the bands over your shoulders and clasp your hands together while they are holding the handles. Stay firmly seated in place on the resistance chair and lean forward. Once you reach the end of your crunch, slowly come back in a controlled motion.

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