Coolest Remote-Control Toys for Kids for Christmas

Coolest Remote-Control Toys for Kids for Christmas

5 Coolest Remote Control Toys for Kids for Christmas
Nothing beats the interactive fun and imaginative thrill of remote-control toys. Whether you're looking for a simple RC car or a powerful overhead drone, remote-control toys are great gifts for kids of all ages. Check out the coolest RC toys for Christmas this year.
5 Coolest Remote Control Toys for Kids for Christmas

1. RC Drones & Quadcopters

Drones have become an extremely popular gift over the past few years. A quadcopter is a drone that is propelled by four small rotors. This design increases the drone’s stability and makes it easier to fly. When equipped with a camera, drones give kids a unique bird’s-eye perspective of their surroundings.

2. RC Planes & Helicopters

Remote-control planes and helicopters are exceptionally fun toys, but they can take a lot of practice to fly properly. When you’re shopping for remote-control planes and helicopters, keep the age of the recipient in mind. These toys require different levels of skill, so if you plan on gifting one to a younger child, you’ll want one with simpler controls.

3. RC Cars & Trucks

The classic remote-control toy, an RC car or truck can be found in a variety of styles and control options, making it perfect for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. While most remote-control cars are intended for use indoors, many RC trucks feature heftier builds that are great at handling rough outdoor terrain.

4. RC Boats & Submarines

RC boats and submarines bring all the interactive fun of remote-control toys to the water. These aquatic vehicles can turn any bathtub, pool, or pond into an endlessly entertaining water raceway. Remote-control watercraft tend to feature simpler control mechanisms that make it easy to steer and accelerate from the safety of the water’s edge.

5. RC Robots

Remote-control robots are more sophisticated than most other RC toys, and they come in an impressive range of functional designs. Gifting a high-tech robot pet that responds to voice commands is a great way to introduce kids to the responsibility of a real pet, while battling robot duos with fighting moves can provide hours of competitive fun. Programmable robots are great educational gifts for kids interested in learning how to code on the computer.

6. RC Motorcycles

Remote-control motorcycles let kids hold all the thrilling fun of high-speed motorbikes in the palms of their hands. RC motorcycles come in a variety of styles that are as fun to play with as they are to watch. Most remote-control motorcycles are designed to work on flat surfaces, both indoors and out, and some even come in sets that make it easy to race friends and family members.

7. RC Construction Vehicles

Remote-control construction vehicles are perfect for introducing some power into playtime. While they’re definitely fun toys, these awesome machines also give kids a chance to learn about construction and use their imaginations. From cranes to excavators, these remote-control vehicles are great gifts for kids of all ages.