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Best Reasons to Choose a Claw-foot Tub

by Chandler Warnick

Clawfoot tub in a blue bathroom

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, claw foot tubs are one of the most popular decor items available today. If you enjoying soaking in a tub or if having all the right decor in your bathroom is important to you, then consider buying a claw foot tub for your bathroom. Keep reading to find out some of the best reasons to choose a claw-foot tub for your home.

Reasons to Buy a Claw-foot Tub:

  1. Claw-foot tubs are easy to install: One of the most appealing characteristics of clawfoot tubs is their ease of installation. Unlike a drop-in tub, you don't have to tear out a wall or even caulk edges when you install a clawfoot tub; you simply place the claw-foot tub where you want in your bathroom and then install the plumbing, making a claw-foot tub one of the easiest ways to transform the look of a bathroom or to convert a side room into a bathroom.

  2. Claw-foot tubs are attractive: Claw foot bathtubs are a great way to give your bathroom a classic or traditional look. After all, the appearance of claw foot bathtubs has changed little since they first became popular almost two centuries ago. The materials from which claw-foot tubs are made has changed -- acrylic is currently the most popular claw-foot tub material -- but the classic look with striking claw feet is the same as ever.

  3. Claw-foot tubs are durable: Stories abound of people restoring old homes and keeping the original clawfoot bathtubs that came with the home because they're still in perfectly good condition. Not all clawfoot bathtubs are made from the same materials as those old ones -- most original clawfoot tubs were cast iron coated with porcelain -- but the acrylics that most modern claw-foot bathtubs are made from is still very durable and can last for decades. If you do want to purchase a claw-foot bathtub that will last long enough to become an heirloom, you can still buy cast-iron claw-foot tubs.

  4. Claw-foot tubs are comfortable: If you like to spend time soaking in a hot bath, then a claw-foot bathtub may be a wise purchase. Claw-foot tubs are contoured in such a way that they let you recline comfortably. Claw-foot bathtubs are also deeper than many drop-in tubs and are made from materials that hold heat well, allowing you to relax in your claw-foot tub for a long time without the water becoming cold.

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