Best Quilt Sets

Best Quilt Sets

Discover the best quilts for your bedroom by browsing Overstock’s selection. Our bedding collection has something to fit your climate and budget, from light cotton and linen summer coverlets to microfiber and velvet winter quilts. A gorgeous array of patterns and solid-color quilt sets will help you put your style stamp on your bedroom and create a cohesive design palette. Read on for curated a list of the best quilts based on your needs.

What Makes a Good Quilt Set?

Simply put, the best quilts for beds in your home should suit your taste, budget, and the warmth level you need for the season.

Whether you want patchwork bed quilts perfect for farmhouse homes to bold geometric prints that mesh in modern spaces, we have something to suit your style. Plush quilt sets, like those made from velvet, make an excellent choice for cold winter nights or regular use in colder climes. Likewise, lightweight options made from linen keep the chill out on warm spring and summer evenings.

See our Quilt Buying Guide for tips on use and care, or read on to learn how to outfit your whole home with the best quilts for the warmth and flair you desire.

Best Quilts for Summer

The best quilts for summer come in cozy materials weighted perfectly for hotter nights and balmy climates. These lighter options will keep you from sweating overnight and won’t make you feel stifled. Also, summer quilts usually come in natural fiber options. Materials like cotton not only keep you from overheating but help keep allergens at bay.

Linen Quilts

Find linen quilts at Overstock that accentuate everything from nautical and floral decor to animal and novelty themes. A solid-color and classic print linen quilt work well for traditional and modern spaces, and neutral and vibrant colors complement most bedroom palettes. Textured options offer a heavier look while keeping you cool and comfortable when temperatures rise.

100% Cotton Quilts

Choose 100% cotton quilts when you want affordable options that maintain lightweight warmth without weighing you down. Options like a 100% cotton quilt set with a reversible design let you quickly change your bedroom look.

Jersey Quilts

Liven up master suites with jersey quilts and coverlet sets from Overstock’s extensive home bedding selection. A jersey quilt offers the easy care of cotton and the plush feel of heavier fabrics for fuss-free cleaning and extra comfort on warmer nights. The high-quality material and range of design patterns help boost your bedroom’s style quotient.

Best Quilts for Winter

Stay toasty warm when temperatures dive with the Best Quilts for Winter from Natural materials like wool may offer breathability and longevity, but synthetic options such as microfiber, faux fur, or velvet may be your best bet when it comes to insulation, care, and affordability.

The cozy feel of these winter-friendly fabrics lets you snuggle down in satisfying warmth and plush comfort on colder evenings.

Microfiber Quilts

Snuggle down for a cold winter’s nap under microfiber quilts. You won’t want to leave your bed with this warm and cozy quilt option. Make your loved ones feel at home during the holiday season and add a microfiber quilt to your guest room.

Velvet Quilts

Elevate your master suite in luxe style by choosing velvet quilts for your queen-size or king-size bed. The thick, plush material of a velvet quilt cradles your body in comfort and locks in heat whether you’re off to sleep, watching a movie, or playing games on your laptop.

Faux Fur Quilts

Answer the call of the wild with fashionable faux fur quilts. From fun and funky styles with shaggy fur to lush and modern with embroidered texture, a faux fur quilt lends unique style to your sleeping space and offers a cozy spot for naps and reading that’s as soft as a teddy bear.

Best Hypoallergenic Quilts

Assuage sensitivity concerns with the best hypoallergenic quilts for families who require solutions to quality-of-life problems. Since sleep is so important and even minor irritations can disrupt your circadian rhythm, hypoallergenic fabric both for your sheets and quilts may help you achieve deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.

What Is Hypoallergenic Bedding?

Improve control of allergens by choosing hypoallergenic bedding. Certain hypoallergenic materials resist allergens like dust mites, which may help keep sneezing, itching, and congestion at bay while you sleep.

Hypoallergenic Fabrics

It’s not always simple to figure out What Materials Are Hypoallergenic, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of our favorite types.


A bamboo quilt set typically retains less heat and sheds moisture, making it a fantastic choice for summer bedding or use in hot, humid environments. Also, its silky-look elevates the style of a quilt, giving you beautiful options for your bedding.


Pick organic cotton quilts when you want a breathable option that’s a naturally hypoallergenic fabric. Soft on the skin and easy on the budget, an organic cotton quilt set offers comfortable three-season use and fuss-free care and cleaning.


For the ultimate in hypoallergenic luxury, consider silk bedding options. This breathable, hypoallergenic fabric glides smoothly across the skin for a luxurious sleeping experience and wicks moisture away for additional comfort. A hypoallergenic silk quilt set with pillow shams can also improve nighttime beauty routines by keeping hair soft and resisting absorption of facial creams.

At Overstock, you can choose single pieces to accentuate a daybed in your guest room or pick out complete quilt sets that impart a cohesive design to your master suite. Browse our clearance quilts when you’re looking to budget but want to update your bedding. Good quilt sets don’t have to break the bank! Plus, get Free Shipping on EVERYTHING!*