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Best Promise Ring Engraving Ideas

by C.D. Crowder

These promise rings are more meaningful with engravings

Before engagement rings or wedding rings, promise rings are often given to symbolize the couple's desire to commit to the love they share. Promise rings can also symbolize a promise of love and support to a child or parent or one's dedication to a faith, religion or idea. To make promise jewelry more meaningful, a phrase or symbol is often engraved on the inside or outside of the ring. Engravings make a promise ring personal and can enhance a gift or dedication. You can choose from a variety of messages meant to commemorate your relationship or offer uplifting support. Consider these ideas when searching for the perfect promise jewelry engraving.

Promise Ring Engraving Ideas:

  1. Personal memories: Depending on the purpose of the promise ring, choose a phrase or memory that is important to you or the recipient. When giving a ring to a friend, you might choose a brief inside joke or saying. For romantic diamond rings, consider memories of special events or important moments. When selecting promise jewelry for yourself, consider an engraving that reminds you of an important or inspirational time in your life.

  2. Religious and cultural phrases: When selecting a promise ring for yourself or loved one, you might consider engravings with scripture references or important phrases in foreign languages. Carefully consider a person's connection to her religion or culture when selecting jewelry engravings and be sure you understand the full meaning of religious and cultural phrases when using them.

  3. Dates and nicknames: If you are selecting a diamond ring for a romantic partner, you might choose an engraving that incorporates a special nickname or date. The day you met or became a couple is a good choice. Dates and nicknames are also good choices for platonic relationships. You might choose to have your daughter's birthday or college graduation date engraved into a promise ring.

  4. Symbols: If a phrase doesn't quite say what you want, use a symbol. Almost any small, simple picture can be engraved into a promise ring. Romantic, religious and lighthearted symbols are all great choices for promise ring engravings. Greek letters, Roman numerals and emoticons are common promise ring engraving symbols.

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