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Best Places to Set Up Birdfeeders

by Andrea Sparks

Birds eating at a backyard bird feeder

Bird watching has always been a popular way to enjoy nature. Birds are striking creatures, with many varieties of feather markings, songs and behaviors between species. If you're interested in bird watching, you may want to consider placing a few birdfeeders in your yard. When you're setting them up, you should make sure they're in the best place to make them safer for the birds and to attract more birds to an area where they're easy to watch. Start by learning about the top 5 styles of birdfeeders and follow these tips for setting up a feeder in your own yard.

Best Places for Birdfeeders:

  1. Trees: Birds naturally enjoy perching in trees, making trees the perfect place for birdfeeders. You can either place a feeder on a stand amid the branches of the trees in your yard, or look for hanging styles to hang directly from the branches. Since many birds grab their food and fly away to eat it, having a feeder in a tree gives the birds a place to perch while they eat and provides more room for birds to gather around the food source.

  2. Close to windows: If you choose to place a birdfeeder next to a window where you can see and enjoy the birds, make sure you place it within three feet of your window. If possible, you may even want to affix it directly to the window or window frame. This lets birds know the window is there and helps reduce the risk that they will collide with the window when they are flying toward or away from your feeder. At this close of a range, even if birds do collide with the window, they will likely not hit it hard enough to cause injury.

  3. Fence lines: A fence post is an easy and convenient place to mount a birdfeeder and provides a stable anchor as well. This allows more birds to land on the feeder without the risk of it being pulled down by their weight, making it more likely that they will return to the feeder as well. Like trees, fences are an easy place for birds to perch while they eat and gather.

  4. Sheltered areas: Placing your feeders close to natural shelters, like trees and shrubs, can help encourage birds to visit them. If birds feel safe, they will likely linger longer and visit more often. You may also want to think about placing your birdfeeders in areas sheltered from wind, rain and snow so the birds in your yard can feel safe and comfortable while they eat.

  5. Near flowers: he bright colors of flowers attract many birds, including hummingbirds. Placing feeders near flower beds or planters may help you attract more birds to your yard. This can also help to make your own flower garden more beautiful. Many people place feeders in their gardens so they can enjoy bird watching while enjoying their garden flowers at the same time.

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