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Best Pillows to Stop Snoring

Best Pillows to Stop Snoring

Woman sleeping in bed
Having a snoring problem may be no more than a mild irritation at first, but when it begins to affect you or your partner's quality of sleep, it's time to do something about it. Luckily, specialized pillows can often provide an effective solution. Check out these best pillows to reduce snoring. Depending on your sleep issue, a pillow meant to open nasal passages and align airways can help you breathe easier. Better airflow at night helps to stop casual snoring without surgery or expensive equipment. While there is no single pillow with a "no-snoring guarantee," there are good options available that can make a noticeable difference. These specialized pillows may meet your individual needs and alleviate or stop your snoring altogether.
Woman sleeping in bed

Top Pillows to Reduce Snoring:

Wedge Pillow for a Supportive Incline

Wedge pillows elevate your upper body and align your spine to keep your airways fully open. In addition, wedge pillows can often help to eliminate back pain and other health problems like acid reflux that lead to unsatisfying sleep. By combating two problems at once, the wedge pillow has gained a loyal following from people who want to finally get a full night of deep sleep.

Contour Pillow to Relax Muscles

Pillows that are contoured for sleep are the result of years of clinical tests and trials. The raised center and shoulder indentions keep your head at the perfect height. This type of pillow cradles you in a natural sleeping position that is ideal for mild snorers and those with sleep apnea. The wavy design of the pillow’s surface helps to keep your airway open so you get enough oxygen while you sleep.

Latex Foam Pillow to Alleviate Tension

For mild sleeping problems, try latex foam pillows. These pillows are firmer than memory foam pillows, providing a supportive sleeping surface for side sleepers that still contours to your head. Look for latex foam pillows with a gentle curve to keep your airways aligned when you sleep. Many people find that latex foam pillows help reduce the tossing and turning that can make snoring problems worse.

CPAP Pillow to Fit Your Breathing Mask

If your snoring problems are caused by sleep apnea, your doctor may have already recommended sleeping with an oxygen mask. The best pillows to use with CPAP machines have been constructed specifically to allow your CPAP mask to sit comfortably and stay secure throughout the night. No matter which side you sleep on, these pillows will help you forget about your CPAP mask and drift off to dreamland with ease.