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Best Pillows for Reading in Bed

Best Pillows for Reading in Bed

Woman reading in bed
A specially structured pillow is essential for reading comfortably in bed. If you love to slip into bed with a good book, you may want to consider looking for pillows that are made to help you relax comfortably. Using regular sleeping pillows for stability simply doesn't work because they do not provide the support your neck and back needs to prop you up to see your reading material. Look below to learn about the best pillows for reading in bed.
Woman reading in bed

Pillows for Reading in Bed:


Bed Rest Pillows

One option for a pillow that enables you to read comfortably in bed is one that has a back rest and arms. What used to be popular in dorm rooms for students who liked sitting on the floor is now a popular choice for adults who enjoy reading in bed. These pillows are constructed of firm filling to give your back plenty of support. The arms are low and provide a prop for your elbows so that you can hold a book or a magazine. Bed rest pillows come in lots of different colors and fabrics, so you can choose one that matches your bedroom set.


Bed Lounge Pillows

A bed lounge pillow has the same shape as a bed rest pillow, but bed lounge pillows can be adjusted to meet your reading-in-bed comfort needs. A bed lounge pillow has arms, a supportive back and a neck pillow that can be adjusted to accommodate your different positions.


Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are better for reading in bed than pillows stuffed with down, feathers, cotton or other material. Memory foam pillows are able to form to your body, providing support where you need it. Another consideration is a memory foam wedge pillow. The shape of these wedge bed pillows props you up in bed for easy reading.


Reading Pillows

This type of specialty pillow consists of two layers. The top layer feels like a normal bed pillow, but the bottom layer is stiffer so it can add support to the spine and lower back as you sit up to read in bed.