Best Pillows for Back Pain

Best Pillows for Back Pain

a wedge pillow on a bed
When back pain strikes, specialized pillows can be a lifesaver. These pillows are available to help you alleviate minor back problems while you sleep. Take a look at the guide below to learn about some of the best pillows for back pain.
a wedge pillow on a bed

Pillows for Back Pain:

Curved Pillows

These can often be used to replace flat pillows that are typically used for sleeping. They work best for side sleepers because the curved portion of the pillows supports the head and neck, keeping both in a neutral position. To ease the pressure placed on your spine while you sleep, these ergonomic pillows are a good option.

Lumbar Wedge Pillows

If you sit at a desk all day, you may want to try a small wedge pillow that can be placed between you and a desk chair. These gently sloped lumbar support pillows provide support for lower back strain and injuries. Larger wedge pillows can also be used for sleeping. The gentle incline reduces tossing and turning and makes it easier for you to get out of bed. Read Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Wedge Pillow.

Oversized Cushions

If you have pinched nerves in your back, try using a large cushion as a footrest while lying in bed. When placed between your legs these flat cushions can also help keep your spine aligned if you sleep on your side.

Facedown Pillows

Even stomach sleepers can get relief from painful back injuries with facedown pillows. Like a chiropractor’s bench, these U-shaped pillows have a small space cut out to cradle your face while you sleep in the facedown position.

Cylinder Pillows

Another great option for the office is a simple cylindrical roll pillow. Stuffed with foam or beans, these small pillows provide lumbar support when placed in a chair. Transition these roll pillows to your bed by placing one under your neck while you sleep to take the literal weight off your shoulders.

Travel Pillows

For people who suffer from back pain, falling asleep in awkward positions can be severely damaging. The solution is travel pillows. Used on airplanes or during long car rides, these U-shaped pillows can provide support for the head and neck when you need to sleep on an incline.

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