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Best Photo Frames for Your Living Room

by Amanda Mears

Photo coasters are fun and functional in your living room

The best memories deserve an equally great frame. Whether you're hanging school portraits or snapshots of a scenic landscape, photo frames accent your pictures and turn them into works of art. You can always place a few standard photographs around your home, but the best way to make a visual impact in your living room is to pick unique framing options.

Choosing Photo Frames:

  1. Frame sets: The secret to creating a photo collage that looks cohesive is to pick up a hanging system. Photo-frame collage sets come with several frames in multiple sizes that work together to create a display. If you have a large blank wall, fill it with a frame set and all your favorite photos.

  2. Photo vases: For a subtle way to display your favorite photos, pick up a photo vase with protective inserts. You can fill it with colorful fresh flowers or use it as a pencil holder in your home office. Photo vases are elegant home decor and make great gifts for grandparents or parents who live far away.

  3. Multi-opening picture frames: If you like the look of a photo collage wall but don't have enough space, try a frame with special mats that hold multiple photos. You can group together a series of black and white photos for a dramatic effect or fill the frame with printed paper for a crafty piece of customized art.

  4. Photo coasters: Hold small photos in personalized coasters that protect your furniture from drink rings and accidental spills. Look for glass photo coasters with non-skid feet that can be stored in a wooden stand to be displayed when not in use.

  5. Reclaimed photo frames: Handmade frames created from old recycled wood will fit in perfectly with bohemian or antique decor. If you love the look of individually created home decor, pick up a frame made from reclaimed boat wood that is stylish and eco-friendly.

  6. Shadowboxes: To display important mementos that aren't completely flat, try a shadowbox frame. Shadowbox frames are deeper than typical frames and have a solid background that you can mount items on. Hang a row of antique keys or a collection of seashells from a beach trip to transform your memories into lasting keepsakes.

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