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How to Create a Stylish Focal Point for Your Patio

How to Create a Stylish Focal Point for Your Patio

Outdoor Patio decorated with patio furniture
Step out onto your patio. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and there is a faint chirp of a bird just far enough away to be charming. To complete this perfect day with utter outdoor enjoyment you need a patio space that checks all the boxes of style and function. Start your patio design on the right foot with an attention-grabbing focal point that sets the mood of the space. Whatever your style preferences, this guide will help you find something that’s perfect for you.

Make a Statement With an Outdoor Rug

Patio with an outdoor rug.

A charismatic outdoor rug can help tie your whole outdoor look together. Incorporate the plush foundation into your patio seating area to create an inviting play space for little ones that doubles as an eye-catching feature. Designing your patio style around a statement rug is a simple way to decide on a color palette and theme. Opt for colorful geometrics to define a mid-century modern space or go full-on boho with a Moroccan-inspired choice.


Your patio will become a “shoes-optional zone” where you can cushion your bare feet as you sit and sip an ice-cold lemonade. Your kids will have too much fun playing in the yard to notice that you’re more focused on basking in the sun. Read Tips on Buying Outdoor Rugs for help choosing the perfect area rug for your outdoor space.


Let a Firepit Be the Center of Attention

Outdoor patio with a black outdoor firepit Image Provided by Jojotastic

Not much attracts a crowd like the glow of a campfire, especially when marshmallows are involved. Centering your patio look around a firepit paves the path for evening get-togethers from spring until fall. Firepit styles range from simple and unassuming with smooth, unadorned surfaces to ornamental and intricate with stacked stone or detailed metalwork. Aim for an eye-catching option to tempt frequent use and align the style with your surrounding seating area.


Use an Outdoor Fountain to Determine Ambiance

Outdoor patio with a stone water fountain

A summer morning spent under the rising sun with an iced coffee at the ready is peacefully accented by the gentle ripple of flowing water from an outdoor fountain. An outdoor fountain not only establishes visual appeal, but it also provides serene sounds that cannot be matched. You can put a fountain anywhere in your decorative design that makes sense to the overall look. Whether it becomes a garden accent or deck-side accessory, its stature and sound won’t be overlooked. Elect for a simple model to match a contemporary design or choose something cute and quirky to elicit amusement.


Arrange the Seating Area to Focus on the View

Outdoor patio with a gray outdoor sectional

Whether that’s from the balcony of a high-rise apartment or the deck of a mountain-side home, no decorative addition is more compelling than the view beyond the patio railing. Anyone who spends time on your balcony will find that their eyes naturally travel to the stunning skyline. You can take full advantage of the predestined focal point by aiming your patio sofa and chairs toward the impressive vista.


By making the feature of the space the outdoor locale, you have unlimited options when it comes to decorative colors and style. You could play up a tree-filled expanse with pops of color that coordinate with the sea of green. Or try a glam-style patio that’s equally as fitting overlooking the mountainside as it is gazing down on a cityscape. Let your outdoor design be an expression of you.


Add a Stylish Flair With Outdoor Wall Art

Patio styled with outdoor wall art

Kickoff your backyard soirees with a wall accent that draws focus and sparks conversation. Dinner parties and summer socials will take shape on your patio as an artsy focal piece fills the space with good vibes. Choose artwork that highlights your taste, whether that’s a rustic galvanized metal star or a colorful eclectic butterfly. Positioned at eye-level, above an outdoor couch, or patio table, a curated piece of art is the bedrock that all your other outdoor decorations are tied back to. No matter which style you choose, make sure your wall art stakes its claim as the center of attention.


Pull Focus With an Eye-Catching Planter

Planter placed on a dining table Image Provided by We the Birds

While a planter pot is usually an accent added toward the end of patio decorating, when you select one with stunning style at the start of your design process, it can serve as the focal point that coordinates everything around it. If you have a passion for plants, use a planter as your primary decorative detail. It will showcase your zeal for greenery and define the style of your outdoor space.


A white ceramic pot with blue floral detail evokes nostalgic feelings of traditional decor. Arrange it as the centerpiece in a seating space to mimic the coziness of your living room. A large patterned planter overflowing with bright blossoms is the perfect attention-grabbing detail in a colorful and eclectic patio design. Situate it to be the first thing you see to create a lasting impact. Take a look at The Best Outdoor Planter Ideas to Style Your Patio for more advice on choosing a planter to define your design.


Enhance Outdoor Dining With an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Outdoor patio with palm leaf ceiling fan

Transform your outdoor dining area into a striking destination with a unique ceiling fan that demands attention and cuts the stale summer heat with a refreshing breeze. An outdoor ceiling fan is the perfect patio addition for any locale that warms up quickly in the summer months. Hang yours above the patio table to extend the number of meals you can comfortably enjoy outside.


Choose a design that’s a step above a typical ceiling fan. Palm leaf blades, a sleek modern style, intricate attached lighting, or a unique windmill design will attract attention in all the right ways. For more help choosing the best outdoor ceiling fan or statement light fixture, read our guide Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Optimal Landscape Design.

With an eye-catching focal point, your patio is well on its way to being complete. For help with the rest of your patio decor, check out these Patio Decorating Ideas.