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Best Outfits for Leggings

Best Outfits for Leggings

woman on sofa wearing camp leggings
Leggings may very well be the greatest invention in the history of women's fashion. These incredibly comfortable pants-that-aren't-really-pants snuggle right up to your skin to keep you warm, give you a flattering silhouette, and offer easy wearability. You can't go wrong matching a pair of simple black leggings with a cool top and cute boots. Take a look at some of the best fashion combinations to let you show off your shoe collection, your fabulous tops and, of course, your legs.
woman on sofa wearing camp leggings

Wear Leggings with a Long Flowing Vests and Jackets

The best leggings outfits often pair something long and flowing on top with the tightly fitted leggings on the bottom. Take a look at flowing jackets and vests to find the right separates to go with your leggings. If you’re wearing patterned or printed leggings, make sure to keep your look a bit more serene on top and wear a solid color that picks out one of the primary colors of the print. A long vest helps dress up a leggings outfit and pairs particularly well with boots and a major statement necklace.

Pair Leggings with Long Sweaters

Almost any kind of a long sweater works over women’s leggings. Choose a bulky cardigan, a forgiving fuzzy knit pullover, a wide trapeze-line sweater, or a long, hand-knitted, one-of-a-kind piece. There’s something about the warmth and coziness of a great sweater that pairs perfectly with leggings. Remember the fashion rule that your outfit should be tight on the top or tight on the bottom, but not both? This rule should make you head straight for your sweater drawer when you feel like pulling on a pair of leggings. No sweater is too bulky if your silhouette under the sweater is sleek and minimalist, as it is with leggings.

Glam Up a Large T-Shirt with Leggings

If you have the perfect body to wear under a cropped T-shirt with tight leggings, more power to you! Most women, however, prefer to wear their tees a little longer and looser when wearing leggings as pants. Pull on a large graphic T-shirt that displays the name of your favorite band or makes a statement as to who you are when you’re running to the supermarket to grab some milk, or pick out a larger tee with a little edgier style to look hip and casual at the same time.

Complement a Flowing Tunic with Leggings

A tunic-style top over black leggings is a classic look that can take you from daytime into evening, and it’s appropriate for almost any non-dressy occasion. Look for tops that cover your rear end completely to strike a graceful note. Asymmetrical tunics work particularly well with leggings, especially when they’re loose and flowing, because they lengthen your silhouette.

Use Leggings to Repurpose a Short Dress

Wearing leggings under a dress is the perfect way to keep donning your mini dresses when it’s too cold out to expose bare skin to the open air. If you’re heading out on a long day and don’t have time to change your outfit before the fun continues into the evening, tucking a pair of leggings into your bag or car is the ideal way to help your short dress transform into an appropriate dinner outfit.

Choose the Right Shoes to Wear with Leggings

Leggings are perfect to wear with boots of all sorts: short booties, knee-high boots, and cowboy boots. You name it, if it’s a boot, it was made to pair with leggings. But you’re not limited to boots. If you want to strike a sexy look, then try high platform heels with leggings or jeggings, or pop on a pair of ballet flats to wear them casually if you’re running errands or just hanging with friends.