Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Deck

Transform your deck into a relaxing retreat with patio furniture. Whether you want wooden outdoor furniture for a classic look or a durable plastic set to add a pop of color, the following suggestions will help you find deck furniture for your home.
Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Deck

3 Tips for Buying Outdoor Furniture:


Buy outdoor furniture that won’t be affected by your climate.

Buy Outdoor Furniture that won't be affected by your climate

If you live in an area that receives a lot of rain or snow, you’ll want to buy pieces that won’t warp, crack or become discolored. Some wood can wear when it’s exposed to excessive moisture; however, you can apply a waterproofing chemical and move your chairs out of the weather as much as possible to protect them. If you live in an area that gets considerable amounts of wind, choose heavier wrought iron over plastic.


Find furniture that fits your lifestyle.

Find furniture that fits your lifestyle

When you’ll be primarily entertaining your family and friends, especially those with young children, you may want plastic outdoor furniture on your deck. Plastic furniture is lightweight, portable and wipes clean easily. If you’ll be inviting adult friends over for barbecues, however, you may want to incorporate the sophisticated look of wrought iron into your backyard decor. Look for outdoor furniture sets that include large tables and at least six chairs, so you can seat guests comfortably. You may also need to buy a set you can mix and match if you need more seating options.


Purchase outdoor furniture that complements your home.

Purchase outdoor furniture that complements your home

Wicker outdoor furniture complements a vintage home, and you can dress up wicker chairs and benches with colorful floral pillows for a relaxed look. Teak outdoor furniture adds tropical glamour to a modern decor style. If you’re unsure which material suits your home best, consider the versatility of wooden styles. Depending on the cushions you add, wooden patio furniture can look old-fashioned or starkly contemporary, and you can blend it with your existing decor by selecting other accessories you like, too.

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Erika Dattner
Erika Dattner

was looking for a padding for my outdoor metal bench, narrow height, about 37″ length, bright colors;
just to cover the seat; won’t need back. Need water-proof fabric. Hopefuly, something on sale, don’t need
anything fancy, only least expensive. Would appreciate your response.