Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Deck

Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Deck

Transform your outdoor living space into a relaxing retreat with deck furniture that balances comfort and style. Perhaps you want a wooden seating set for a classic look or a durable plastic dining set to add a pop of color. There's lots of types of deck furniture to choose from. Read on for tips on styling different furniture for decks.

Weather-Resistant Tables

If entertaining family and friends is the main goal of your deck space, consider the durability of a plastic outdoor table. It’s lightweight, portable, and wipes clean easily, which can come in handy if your dinner guests have small children. If you want a more sophisticated look for your backyard decor, consider a durable hardwood table for your soirees. The warm tone of hardwood paired with its natural durability is a perfect match for a deck dining area. Whichever material you choose, make sure your deck furniture set includes a large table and enough chairs for your family or friends so you can seat guests comfortably.


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Stylishly Comfortable Chairs

No deck is complete without a comfy place to kick back and watch the sunset or connect with loved ones over a hot cup of morning coffee. For an outdoor dining area, deck chairs with flat seats and straight backs give your diners an upscale experience. Or choose picnic style benches for a flashback to summers passed. The one major difference to look out for between outdoor deck chairs and patio chairs is the feet of the chair legs. Because decks have small gaps between the wood slats, you want to pick deck chairs with a large foot print so they don’t get stuck. Or, unroll an eye-catching outdoor rug beneath the table to cover up the grooves.


Place a pair of deck chairs with overstuffed cushions side by side to create a cozy conversation area. It can double as a quiet place to while the way the hours reading a good book. Outdoor rocking chairs and bold colorful Adirondack chairs both offer a relaxed lounging position for lazy afternoons with iced sweet tea.


Limited storage for your deck area? Patio chairs designed to stack are a simple solution for small decks. They can hide in a corner until it’s time to break them out for barbecue night. You could also look for multifunctional pieces, like chairs with a storage drawer or outdoor coffee tables with a built in shelf.


Swings with Personality

A trendy egg-shaped swing chair with a wicker weave will lend a boho feel to your deck. For a traditional addition to your outdoor space that never goes out of style, a wooden porch swing is just the ticket. If you live in a high-moisture climate, apply a waterproof sealant to protect wooden deck furniture against the elements. You can even paint a wood swing a custom color to match your door or shutters. On the other hand, choose a swing that matches your deck’s color and wood tone and leave the lumber bare. As with any deck furniture designed for lazing, adorn swings and hammocks with cushions and throw pillows to give it a sofa-life appeal. Your next mid-day nap in the sun will thank you!


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Multifunctional Benches

Outdoor benches provide charm and functionality to decks, whether you have a compact verandah or a spacious rooftop. A bench can be used in place of chairs at your outdoor dining table or put against a wall to display plants or stage plates for busy barbecues. Small cast-iron or hardwood benches are great options for smaller areas, while glider benches or rocking benches deserve a little more room. They can also be multifunctional. A storage bench with an enclosed space below the seat provides an area where you can store cushions and other items while also offering extra seating for outdoor gatherings.


Durable Outdoor Cushions

Adding cushions is an inexpensive way to update your deck furniture’s look or bring new life to an older outdoor dining set. Cushion colors and patterns can lend a specific tone to your deck’s overall theme. Broad stripes can go high-end cabana or nautical, depending on their color. Pick navy blue for a hint of Nantucket or brights for beach-side resort vibes. Tropical botanical prints like palm fronds and birds of paradise evoke island vacations, while solid colors let you easily mix and match when the seasons change.


Chair cushions usually come in two styles: one piece that covers the seat and back of the chair, or two separate pieces that can be tied to the chair individually. If you have benches or armless chairs, you’ll only need seat cushions. When buying cushions, look for materials that are washable, waterproof, and mildew- and fade-resistant. Quality and cost will vary depending on fabric, so buy the best you can afford for maximum value and durability.


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