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Best Outdoor Chaise Materials for a Long-Lasting Lounger

Best Outdoor Chaise Materials for a Long-Lasting Lounger

Best Outdoor Chaise Materials

With the right outdoor chaise lounge, your backyard becomes your retreat where you can sunbathe, enjoy your favorite cocktail, or even take a nap. More than just looks, the material impacts how long the chaise lasts, the maintenance required, and how comfortable it is. Keep reading to learn about the materials to find your best option.


Wood Outdoor Chaise

wood chaise lounge Buy These Acacia Chaise Lounges

Feel at one with nature when you choose a warm, earthy wood chaise lounge. Teak and acacia come out ahead in durability, with acacia usually costing less than teak. For a distinct and contemporary look, choose a curved wooden chaise with an comfortable ergonomic shape. Slatted wood chairs let raindrops slip through easily to keep the water from pooling. Add an all-weather cushion to soften the rigid wood frame so you can comfortably curl up with a good book and soak up some rays.


Metal Outdoor Chaise

metal chaise lounge chair Buy These Aluminum Chaise Lounges

Strong and durable, metal keeps your chaise lounge sturdy and sleek, perfect for contemporary patios. Choose aluminum for a lightweight yet durable chaise that you can rearrange easily. Since it resists rust, aluminum works well around your pool, so you have the perfect view of the kids while they splash or a cozy spot to stretch out in the sun after you take a dip.


Steel is heavier and stronger than aluminum, so it stays in place, even in strong winds, but it takes more muscle to move. Steel chaise lounges are made from galvanized or stainless steel and often have a powder-coated finish to resist rust. Iron comes in at the top of the weight range, so choose your spot wisely to cut down on moving it. Detailed iron chaises lend a classic look to your patio.


Wicker Outdoor Chaise

wicker chaise lounge Shop Similar Wicker Chaise Lounges

You might think of wicker and rattan as the same, but they’re two different things. Wicker describes the woven pattern on classic patio furniture, and it’s made from different materials. Rattan is a material that comes from palm trees. Synthetic wicker furniture, typically made from resin, is ideal in fully exposed outdoor locations because it’s durable, weather-resistant, and easy to clean with your hose. Take turns spraying the chaise and your kids to entertain them while you do a quick furniture cleanup. Natural materials, such as reed and willow, aren’t quite as good at standing up to weather elements, but they can work in an enclosed or covered space where the rain and sunlight can’t reach them.


Plastic Outdoor Chaise

plastic chaise lounge Buy These Plastic Chaise Lounges

A plastic chaise keeps your outdoor lounge truly relaxing with its low-maintenance quality. You never have to worry about rust or refinishing your plastic furniture. Plus, it’s often made from recycled materials, so you’re doing your part for the environment. Plastic is lightweight, so you can rearrange whenever you want, and any spills wash off easily with water. When your little one’s popsicle (or your favorite adult beverage) lands on the plastic chaise, hose it off, dry the tears, and grab another one.