Best Necklace Chains for Sensitive Skin

Best Necklace Chains for Sensitive Skin

An assortment of necklaces on metal chains perfect for sensitive skin
If you find that you can't wear necklace chains all day without some irritation, then you may be allergic to impurities in metal. Many types of metal can cause rashes and pain, especially on sensitive neck skin. Simply having sensitive skin doesn't have to limit your jewelry options, however. You have many choices in stylish hypoallergenic necklaces. Most people who are allergic to necklace chains are allergic to nickel. Nickel is found in many necklaces, and some chains are made entirely of the cheap metal. Of course, you may be allergic to other metal impurities. Consider these metals when shopping for hypoallergenic jewelry.
An assortment of necklaces on metal chains perfect for sensitive skin

Jewelry for Sensitive Skin:


A strong and attractive metal in pure form, tungsten does not need to be alloyed with nickel or any other skin irritant, making it ideal for hypoallergenic jewelry. Tungsten chains are available in many modern styles and are especially popular in men’s jewelry.


As a pure metal, platinum is malleable yet durable. It does not have to be alloyed with a cheap base metal, such as nickel. Platinum is sometimes alloyed with iridium, but it is not likely to cause an allergic reaction. Platinum necklace chains carry the beauty of precious metal. These hypoallergenic necklaces can be worn with all of your favorite pendants.


Lightweight and in a light silvery grey color, titanium is a great choice for jewelry. Titanium is often alloyed with other metals, but nickel is not a common choice because it is heavy. Titanium is great for necklace chains because even long chains with thick links will not be heavy or uncomfortable.


Pure gold is too soft for jewelry production and must be alloyed, but gold is available in many different forms, allowing you to decide which formulations you can tolerate. The purest gold used in jewelry is 18-karat gold, which is 75 percent pure gold. Avoid white gold necklace chains, which are commonly alloyed with nickel, and opt for platinum necklaces if you like the silver hue.


Buying hypoallergenic jewelry doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. Gold-plated jewelry is just as gentle on your skin as solid gold jewelry. Gold is often plated over sterling silver, which makes for a very durable jewelry option.