Best Musical Instruments for Children



Studies show that children who understand music and play musical instruments do better overall in school. Kids learn discipline and build their confidence while they learn to play an instrument. Music therapy has been proven to decrease stress levels, improve memory, enhance communication skills, and even help with pain management. You have many reasons for wanting your child to learn to play a music, but which instrument is best for your child? Here is a list of instruments that are great for children of all ages.

Musical Instruments for Children:

  1. Pianos: Leaning how to play the piano gives you a foundation for learning other instruments, so its a great place to start. It also helps hand-eye coordination and stimulates the brain. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a full-size piano. Keyboards and mini pianos are perfect educational toys for children who are interested in learning the piano. Many mini pianos come in fun colors, including pink, red, and green. Thumb pianos are also great for children; these pianos, also known as mbiras, are common in African music and are easy for children to play.

  2. Guitars: The guitar is always a favorite among children of all ages, and it can be a fun way to learn music appreciation. Acoustic guitars are great for young children, and once your child has decided that the guitar is for her, she can smoothly transition to an adult-size guitar. Teenagers will love to learn the electric guitar, and playing in rock band can also be a way for them to build social connections.

  3. Bongo drums: If your child has shown an interest in drums, but you aren't quite ready to have the sounds of bass drums and snares reverberating through your home, start with a bongo drum or a djembe drum. These drums offer a gentle sound for your home and an easy way for children to learn about rhythm. Bongo drums are available in many styles and sizes. Djembe drum sets are also available.

  4. Harmonicas: Harmonicas are loved for their distinct sound and compact size. Children adore harmonicas because as soon as they blow air into the instrument, it makes a sound. Toy harmonicas are easy to play, but children can also learn advanced songs on harmonicas. Give your child the gift of music in his pocket.

  5. Sound mixers: Teenagers and older children will go wild for sound mixers and deejay systems. Many deejay systems allow your child to plug her MP3 player right into the unit and mix and scratch music in many unique ways. These systems encourage creativity and help children understand the subtle nuances of music.

  6. Xylophones: Xylophones are easy for younger children to learn the basics of music, like what the different notes sound like. Some xylophones come in bright colors, while others are handmade with wooden keys. Give your child a simple way to make music with a fun and eye-catching xylophone.

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