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Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Whether she’s an adventurous globetrotter, serene gardener, or humble homemaker, your grandmother deserves an appreciative present in May. When you consider both her personality and sentimentality, finding Mother’s Day gifts for grandma is as easy as pie. Read on for our favorite gift ideas that will surely say, “I love you!” this Mother’s Day.


Gardening Tools for Green-Thumb Grannies

person uses shovel in garden to remove weeds

If your grandma takes pride in her carefully cultivated garden, then a handy set of gardening tools or accessories as a gift will show her that you care. Either a sturdy hand trowel or pair of shears can make a world of difference as she plants and tends to her flowers. Meanwhile, a handheld weeder with a forked tip will make her daily garden maintenance a breeze. For further ideas, read our Top 5 Mother’s Day Gardening Gifts.


Bakeware for Bonding in the Kitchen

scallop edged cake made with specialty baking pan, topped with frosting and blueberries

Brand-new bakeware makes an excellent Mother’s Day gift when your grandmother takes immense pride in her baked treats. Either gleaming cookie sheets or baking dishes can add convenience to her routine. Meanwhile, silicone molds and baking cups are resilient and long-lasting, helping cupcakes and chocolates keep their shape without getting stuck. If the gift for grandma is from the grandkids, they’ll have plenty of chances to bond while whipping up brownies or frosting a cake together.


Stylish Mugs for Grandma's Morning Coffee

set of navy mugs, a mother's day gift for grandma

Brew up some good cheer for grandma this Mother’s Day when you pour her favorite beverage into a new mug that fits her winning personality to a tee. A colorful ceramic cup covered in a simple geometric pattern can easily blend with traditional or farmhouse kitchen decor. Or go for a rugged stoneware mug dipped in natural glazes if she’s a fan of Earthy materials. And for grandmothers who have a sassy side, styles that incorporate catchy sayings are particularly good for a laugh. Include extra sachets of her favorite tea or coffee for a thoughtful touch.


Framed Photos for Getting Sentimental

living room with large mirror and ten photo frames of varying sizes

As a gift from the grandkids for Mother’s Day, any grandma will appreciate the fond family memories found in a framed photograph. Sturdy wooden frames are best for protecting printed keepsakes from pets or rambunctious grandkids. Choose a single frame with a formal photo of the whole family for a central display on the mantel. Or, if you want to give a medley of adorable pictures of the grandkids, go for a collage frame to capture years of memories.


Fuss-Free Flowers for Nurturing Nanas

floral bouquets in glass vases

Nothing conveys love and appreciation like a stunning assortment of flowers, and your grandma will undoubtedly appreciate a splendid floral display in a charming jar or vase. When you choose a silk bouquet over cut flowers, you’re giving your grandmother a gift that will last more than a few days. Dazzle her with a bouquet of brilliant tulips or lilies in bright spring colors. You could also consider pink carnations, the traditional Mother’s Day flower, that will brighten her home for months on end.


Darling Tea Sets to Brew Up Some Love

rainbow set of tea cups and heart shaped saucers

Whether she drinks tea every day or only on special occasions, consider giving a stunning tea set as a gift for grandma. Make sure to include a full set, complete with a teapot and matching cups, saucers, and even a sugar jar for a present that feels extravagant. Look for a painted porcelain tea set for a grandma who loves hints of nostalgia. If she has a worldly vibe, consider a cast iron teapot for brewing rare teas from faraway places. And for chic grandmas with modern sensibilities, a minimalist glass teapot will be the quirky star of her next tea party.


Hand or Dish Towels for Busy Kitchens

blue checked dish towels with baking supplies

If you’re aiming to give a more traditional gift for grandma this year, then pick out a quality set of hand or dish towels for her kitchen. This classic present has a range of possibilities, from remarkably designed dish towels to decorate the kitchen to linen hand towels with an artisanal weave for drying her hands. Go for bright colors and cute designs for grandmas who love a touch of twee around the kitchen. And if her dish towels have grown threadbare and gray, then replace them with some bright new terry cloths as a Mother’s Day gift.


Toasty Throw Blankets for Snuggling With Grandkids

woven throw blanket with stripes and baubles

Throw blankets are not only stylish additions to any home decor scheme but also a perfect match for story time with the grandkids. If your grandma lives in a warm climate, then a lightweight cotton throw with an airy weave can accompany grandma to the porch swing on a crisp cool morning. And if freezing winters have your grandmother shivering, go for a heavier wool or microplush throw as a gift to cut through the cold the next time it snows.

Are you shopping for a new grandma? It’s just as important to get a gift for the first-time mom, too! Read First Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms for ideas. When you shop Mother’s Day gifts on Overstock, you’ll find everything on this list and more. That means you get exactly what she wants for less with free shipping on everything.