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Best Men’s Suits to Wear to Weddings

Best Men’s Suits to Wear to Weddings

Best Men's Suits to Wear to Weddings
It's easy to look your best at any formal event with the right clothes in your closet. With so many different styles of suits available, it can be hard to determine which men's suits are best for a wedding you're attending. Whether you're the groom, the best man, or simply a guest, the suit you choose to wear can make all the difference. These tips will guide you through the best men's suits to wear to weddings.
Best Men's Suits to Wear to Weddings

Best Suits for Weddings:

Formal Weddings

The groom and groomsmen are usually dressed in tuxedos, but for formal or black tie events, the wedding guests may also be asked to dress in formalwear. Tuxedos are typically the only applicable men’s attire for formal weddings. There is, however, quite a bit of variety in tuxedos. Black tuxedos are best for formal events, but you can choose whether to wear suit pants and a suit jacket, a 3-piece tuxedo with a vest, or a tuxedo with a cummerbund. Similarly, you can choose whether to wear a bow tie or traditional necktie with a tuxedo.

Evening Events

Evening weddings are typically dressier than daytime events, so you’ll want to wear a dress suit for the event. Dark colors, such as navy, black, and charcoal, are appropriate for evening events. Choose a well-tailored men’s suit in a dark color for the event and dress it up with a colorful tie. If you are a part of the wedding party, you may want to choose a suit in the same color as the groom’s and a tie in the wedding colors.

Daytime Ceremonies

Daytime weddings are typically less formal than evening weddings, giving you a few more suit options for the event. For a daytime ceremony, consider a dress suit in a lighter color, like tan or light grey, or even suit separates. A light suit jacket with darker suit pants can lighten your look, and it’s easy to change to a black jacket if there is an evening reception afterward.

Summer Wear

For summer weddings, light-colored suits are very appropriate. A tan suit will look dressy but not too formal and will be more comfortable in warm weather, especially if the wedding is held outside. For summer weddings, and especially beach weddings, white suits always look good, and suits in lightweight materials, like linen and cotton, really help to keep you cool.

Fall and Winter Weddings

For the cooler months of the year, darker colors are best. This doesn’t necessarily mean black suits are your only option, however. Deep charcoal, navy, and even chestnut brown suits can look good as long as they suit the occasion. Heavier materials are best for fall and winter to keep you warm when there’s a chill outside. Wool suits are most common, but other heavy materials are equally as appropriate.