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Best Men’s Shoes to Wear with Jeans

Best Men’s Shoes to Wear with Jeans

Man in jeans and boots
There's a pair of shoes for every style of clothing in a man's closet. A day at the office calls for dressy shoes, while athletic shoes are ideal for your morning jog. Perhaps the trickiest look to find men's shoes for is your casual style. Since fashion guidelines are relaxing and casual is becoming more and more accepted for everything from parties to casual Friday at the workplace, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of shoes to wear with jeans. The following tips can help you find the perfect pair of men's shoes to wear with jeans for a variety of casual looks.
Man in jeans and boots

Pairing Men’s Shoes with Jeans:


These casual yet classic lace-up shoes are the ideal footwear to complement a pair of jeans. A pair of leather oxfords looks good with jeans and a polo shirt or a lightweight sweater. Oxfords can look traditional or sporty, depending on the style. Dress up a casual outfit with classic leather oxfords or give your look a sporty edge with striped oxford shoes.


There are many styles of slip-on men’s shoes, and nearly all of them can be worn well with jeans. A pair of casual slip-on loafers complements your more traditional outfits, while boat shoes create a comfortable summer look that’s still classic. Slip-on mocs give you a bit of an outdoor look that’s great for the weekend.


The classic canvas sneaker is the go-to men’s shoe for a pair of comfortable jeans. As casual and comfortable as it gets, sneakers and jeans look great with a T-shirt, or you can dress up the look with a simple polo shirt. For a more modern take, throw on a pair of skate shoes with your jeans and a graphic tee or hoodie. Not all sneakers are made for jeans, however. Avoid wearing running and athletic shoes with jeans and opt for a pair of casual, soccer-inspired sneakers to get that sporty look.


As stylish alternatives to men’s shoes, boots are becoming a popular choice to wear with jeans. Shorter styles of men’s boots, like motorcycle boots and leather work boots, are the best to wear with jeans. You can wear any cut of jeans over short boots easily, since the shaft of boot won’t interfere with your pant leg. Taller boots, like cowboy boots, work well with boot-cut jeans that allow enough room for the shaft of the boot.


For a fresh, summery look, a pair of men’s sandals can be worn with jeans. Classic woven leather sandals keep your summer look cool without looking too casual. Hiking and athletic sandals give you all the comfort and support you need while keeping your feet cool, and many are even waterproof. Flip-flops or slides pair well with lightweight jeans at the beach or in the back yard.