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Best Locations for Air Purifiers


A stylish bedroom with fresh air

Is the air you breathe as fresh and clean as it could be? An air purifier might be a good option for your home or office. Both ionic air purifiers and HEPA air filters can make a huge difference in the quality of the air in your home. Where should you place your air purifiers for the most impact on your health? Air filters should be kept a generous distance away from walls and furniture to run effectively. Consider these locations for air purifiers.

Air Purifier Spots:

  1. Basements: Basements are notorious for collecting dust. If you cough every time you walk into your laundry room or TV room, then consider getting an air filter to keep the space cleaner. Air filters can also help reduce basement odors and dampness. Tower air purifiers are good choices for basements because they stay out of sight and blend in with your home decor.

  2. Offices: Your office doesn't get cleaned as often as your home, so dust and dirt can accumulate and agitate your allergies or asthma. A compact air purifier can help you focus on your work and keep you healthier at your desk. Desktop air filters are designed to ionize the air around your workspace without bothering your co-workers or creating an annoying sound. Ionic air filters and other air purifiers with reusable filters are good options for the office because they can be rinsed or wiped clean, preventing you from having to cart in replacements.

  3. Bedrooms: Many people spend most of their time at home sleeping, making clean air in the bedroom very important. Breathing better makes for a more restful night's sleep, so equip your bedroom with a highly efficient, but quiet, air purifier.

  4. Kitchens: If odors in your kitchen make you want to eat out, then try placing a compact air purifier on your countertop. Air filters quickly neutralize odors in any room, so your kitchen can be your family's gathering place, even after a meal of grilled fish and onions.

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