Best Knives for the Outdoors

by Staff Writer

Although almost all knives look very similar, outdoor knives are designed to serve a unique purpose or many specific purposes. Fishing and hunting knives make short work of hunting-related tasks, but they are not ideal for other survival needs. Pocket knives, multi-tools and survival knives are incredibly versatile, but they may not give you the same level of precision as some other outdoor knives. It is best to keep a variety of knives in your collection for all outdoor situations. Consider adding the following knives to your outdoor and survival gear.

Best Outdoor Knives:

Best Knives for the Outdoors

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  • Pocket knife:

    Pocket knives are the traditional outdoor knives. Pocket knives are lightweight, compact and simple, which makes them easy to take with you everywhere you go. With a simple, sharp blade, you can cut through cords, open packages and whittle small branches into useful tools.

  • Multi-tool:

    The multi-tool knife is an extension of the pocket knife. Multi-tools are available in several different designs, but they all provide you with a range of small tools to assist you in the wild. With options like pliers, can openers and tweezers, they can replace a lot of other items that you might take camping with you. Some multi-tools are even built into small hammers.

  • Hunting knife:

    Hunting knives are typically used for field dressing and skinning. The blades are shaped to make gutting or skinning game easier. A sharpened hook on the back of the tip will help keep you from cutting into organs, which can contaminate the meat. The shorter blade of many hunting knives allows for better leverage when skinning.

  • Survival knife:

    Survival knives serve several functions outside of cutting. A survival knife has a large, fixed blade, which gives you more leverage than a small pocket knife blade. Many of the extra tools, like matches, fishing line and tweezers, are stored in the handle of the knife. Some survival knives have compasses, flashlights and clocks.

  • Fishing knife:

    Fishing knives have long, thin blades that are ideal for filleting fish. Trying to clean a fish with a short blade can often lead to mangling the fish and breaking off bones in the meat, so fishing knives are essential for the job.