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Best Kitchen Gifts for Christmas

Best Kitchen Gifts for Christmas

cooking essentials
Help the chef in your life create gourmet meals with kitchen gadgets and cooking essentials that make their culinary adventures fun and easy. From handy utensils to specialized tools, these kitchen Christmas gifts will help them take a deeper dive into the gourmet food world and have fun doing it.
cooking essentials

Milk Steamer

This is a great kitchen gift for the coffee lover who goes beyond the drip machine for their morning brew. A milk steamer will add to their Christmas morning ritual and fancy up their java by letting them create a latte-worthy froth.

Stylish Serveware

A great set of serveware is an essential kitchen Christmas gift, allowing them to take side dishes and entrees to the table in style. Not only does multi-functional serveware add personal flair to their kitchen, but it also helps them keep things simple. Shop for stoneware or enameled cookware in fun colors that help express their style. See our Best Hostess Gift Ideas for Christmas.

Never-Dull Knives

If their current kitchen knives just aren’t cutting it, then look to a carbon steel knife or knife set for one of the best small kitchen gifts that will never lose its edge. Shop brands like Wusthof, Chicago Cutlery, and Cuisinart for kitchen blades that stay reliably sharp and get the job done.

Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Cooking becomes a lot easier when you receive kitchen gadgets for Christmas. Ensure that the budding chef on your list has the kitchen tools they need for all their cooking endeavors. Top kitchen gadget gifts like a mandoline slicer, electric whisk, or herb grinder will be an unexpected addition to their collection and make a big difference in their kitchen experience.

Stand Mixer

For avid bakers, a stand mixer is a must-have and one of the most popular kitchen gifts. Not only does it let them mix, beat, and whisk hands free, but it provides speed and consistency that isn’t possible when mixing by hand. Choose a mixer in a fun color that matches their decor or go with a versatile color, such as white or silver, to match any kitchen (or Christmas) setup. See our Best Kitchen Appliance Gifts for Christmas.

Stand Mixer Attachments

If they already have a stand mixer, help them get the most out of it with an assortment of attachments. Stand mixer attachments allow the mixer to do more than just mix. A spiralizer, grain mill, juicer attachment, pasta cutter, or veggie slicer are kitchen Christmas gifts to take their set-up to the next level.

Mixing Bowls

Whether they’re used for cooking, baking, or eating cereal, mixing bowls are a staple in every kitchen. For the best kitchen gift, choose a set of nesting bowls with a wide assortment of sizes that allow the chef on your list to mix anything from scrambled eggs to a three-layer cake. Choose bowls in a chic metallic shade of copper or silver for a style that will last for years to come.

Cast Iron Cookware

Not only does some food just taste better cooked in cast iron — you can’t deny cast iron cookware’s trustworthy quality. When you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for chefs, this is the piece of cookware that will never let them down. From cornbread and casseroles to their famous mac and cheese, cast iron cookware is sturdy, locks in flavor, and cooks evenly to create mouthwatering dishes. See our Cookware Buying Guide.

Indoor Grill

An indoor grill lets a chef grill all year long and produces the same juicy, savory meat and crisp veggies that they’re used to cooking in the backyard. Consider an indoor grill with a clear lid that assists in cooking large foods while allowing the chef to keep an eye on the food. A grill with dual heating surfaces, one on the bottom and top, is a great kitchen gift for quick meals since it requires less cooking time.

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is the perfect kitchen gift for the person who leads a busy life but still appreciates a homecooked meal. It allows them to prep dinner Christmas morning, and not think about it again until they’re ready to eat. Choose a slow cooker with a timer feature for someone who needs the flexibility of a cooker that can start and stop automatically. A slow cooker with an 8-quart capacity or more is perfect for someone with a big family.

Kitchen Canisters

Encourage them to ditch the plastic storage containers and store their flour in style with cute kitchen canisters. Chic canisters elevate the style in any kitchen and keep necessities like flour, sugar, and rice within reach. A labeled set ensures that they never forget the contents, while a set that includes measured scoops provides all-in-one convenience. See our Tips on Buying Kitchen Storage Canisters.


Whether your favorite foodie is a cheese wiz or just likes a treat that complements their wine, a cheeseboard is a great kitchen gift for stylish snacking. Allow them to showcase their favorite cheddar, creamy brie, and other hors d’oeuvres at the Christmas party with a beautiful cheeseboard setup that includes all the right tools.

Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers

Replace this kitchen staple with a set that amplifies their style or brings out their whimsical side. There are custom shaker shapes for everyone, from beloved cartoon characters to classic glass jars. Salt and peppers shakers make it easy to choose a gift that your kitchen connoisseur will appreciate or something that’s sure to make them laugh.

Coffee Maker

They might already have a coffee maker on their counter, but there’s always room for an upgrade. This Christmas, introduce them to a coffee maker with programmable settings or a kitchen gadget that can help them make their favorite espresso beverage.

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