Best Kitchen Appliances for Newlyweds



Setting up house is an expensive venture; any new couple will appreciate the gift of small kitchen appliances to help get them started. If you're shopping for the perfect gift, choose a home appliance you think reflects the couple's personality to encourage culinary exploration or treat them to an appliance you don't think they would buy for themselves.

Kitchen Appliance Gifts:

  1. Mixer: Considered by many to be a necessity rather than a luxury, a stand mixer can make everything from daily tasks to cooking for special occasions easier than ever. Many stand mixers have additional attachments, like dough hooks, sausage stuffers, and ice cream makers, which can be given as auxiliary gifts or saved and presented on a separate occasion. For small baking projects, nothing is more useful than a handheld mixer. Easily inserted into a bowl, a handheld mixer will combine wet and dry ingredients like flour, eggs, and salt. A handheld mixer can also mix cream into a soup base or evenly distribute liquids in a mixture.

  2. Blender: For anyone who loves to make blended drinks, chunky salsa, or creamy soups, a blender is a necessary kitchen appliance. Blenders are typically smaller and less powerful than food processors, but they're ideal for blending multiple liquid ingredients together or crushing ice.

  3. Food processor: For newlyweds who love to cook at home, a food processor will take care of the chopping, shredding, and slicing. A small version would probably be enough for the two of them, but if they like to entertain, a larger size food processor may be a better gift.

  4. Toaster: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a toaster can help make sure you have time to make it happen. Toasters come in 2-, 4- and even 6-slice sizes, so the newlyweds can host Sunday brunch or just feed themselves on a Monday morning.

  5. Toaster oven: The toaster oven, not to be confused with a standard toaster, can bake mini pizzas, reheat foods, and melt cheese for quick snacks. When used correctly, it can even be used to bake small batches of cookies without heating up the whole oven.

  6. Slow cooker: For those who don't always have time to cook, a slow cooker is an invaluable tool. Slow cookers allow you to put in ingredients, turn on the machine, leave the kitchen, and return later to a hot, delicious meal.

  7. Waffle iron: A kitchen staple, the waffle iron provides a quick, easy breakfast option. When used creatively, it can also be used to make dinner waffles and novelty waffles for dessert. Heart-shaped waffle makers are often available and make cute gifts for newlyweds.

  8. Coffee maker: Possibly the most used kitchen appliance of all, the coffee maker is truly a kitchen staple. With features like programmable brewing and automatic bean grinding, you can have fresh, hot coffee waiting for you when you wake, when you return home from dinner out, or any other time you crave it.

  9. Rice cooker: Steadily growing in popularity, the electric rice cooker is relatively new to the appliance scene. Designed to produce large or small quantities of rice, the rice cooker takes the guesswork out of perfect rice and returns non-gummy grains every time.

  10. Microwave: Faster than a traditional oven, a microwave oven is ideal for quickly heating food, cooking meals, melting things, and even heating water.

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