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Best Kids' Storage

by Craig Blake

Kids' storage shelving keeping toys and books organized

Children's bookshelves and kids' storage, as a rule, should be low to the ground. Furniture tip-overs have accounted for almost 15,000 childhood accidents each year from 1990 to 2007, according to the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Children often reach for items on the top of bookshelves, causing tip-overs. With low-to-the-ground kids' storage, children can easily reach their favorite books or other items without parents worrying about the furniture seriously injuring their child. Look below to learn the best kids' bookshelves and other kids' storage bins.

Storage for Kids:

  1. Half-shelf: These bookshelves usually contain two or three shelves and are no higher than 3 feet off the ground, making them a perfect place to put children's books. These half-shelves come in a variety of styles, materials and price points. Some half-shelves can even be purchased and then custom painted.

  2. Revolving bookcase: Revolving bookcases are bookshelves that have cut-outs on several sides for children to store books. These bookcases can be turned to look at different books, maximizing their storage capacity and making them perfect for kids' storage. Revolving bookcases that are made especially for children are usually made of lightweight wood and are short (less than 3 feet) to prevent tipping. Some revolving bookcases are also made in a specific theme to match the style of your child's room.

  3. Storage bench: Storage benches are a great way to organize books or toys. They can be used as dual-purpose storage containers and seats, or simply as storage containers. For smaller children who are not tall enough to sit on these seats, place books and toys on the seat and use it as a shelf. Theses seats are low enough to the ground that even toddlers can grab their favorite books with ease. As your child grows, you can show her how to put her books away under the seat, which lifts up to reveal a toy storage chest.

  4. Storage hamper: Storage hampers makes perfect toy storage for odds and ends. If you need toy bins that don't require huge amounts of organization, a storage hamper is the perfect piece of kids' furniture. Place a storage hamper next to a kids' desk or place several to the side of the room. You can have your child store different types of toys in each hamper.

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