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Best Items to Store in Your Headboard

by Emily Lloyd

White headboard with various accent pieces

Be prepared to find extra time on your hands when you include a headboard with your bedroom furniture. A headboard in your bedroom saves you time by storing the things you need for bedtime rituals close by, which means you can get the rest that you need and deserve instead of getting in and out of bed every time you need something. Once you're in your bed you can stay there thanks to your fully stocked headboard. This handy piece of bedroom furniture makes organization easy, always looks amazing and keeps the things you need close by. Keep reading to learn what the best items to store in your headboard are.

Ideal Headboard Storage Items:

  1. Music player. Your CD or MP3 player is great for blasting music when you have friends over or for playing soothing music just for yourself as you fall asleep. Having a storage headboard gives you a safe place to store your music player once you're done with it, and it keeps it within easy reach for the next time you want to use it.

  2. Lamp. A lamp that sits on your headboard gives you quick and easy access to a light source right when you need it. Just turn on your lamp instead of getting out of bed, walking across the room and fumbling for the light switch in the dark. Even a small lamp will give you enough light to see by and save you from stubbed toes.

  3. Books and magazines. Including books, magazines and crossword puzzles is a natural extension for your storage headboard now that you've included a lamp. Whether you read in bed for enjoyment or you read in bed in order to put yourself to sleep, it's always a good idea to keep good reading material nearby.

  4. Notebook and pen. Sometimes inspiration hits you really late at night or very early in the morning. Instead of stumbling out of bed to find a notebook and pen in the dark just keep one in your headboard for quick and easy access to jot down a to-do list or an idea.

  5. Decorative articles. Your headboard doesn't have to be stocked with just logical and practical items. Display a vase or candle on your headboard for fun. Photographs of friends, family and pets are a nice addition as well. Display items that match the theme or color of your room in order to tie your headboard in with the rest of the room.

  6. Alarm clock. Once you get in your comfortable bed, it's so hard to get out of it. However, having an alarm clock is vital; especially for the days you have to get up and go to work. You'll get better rest when you have a set sleeping schedule.

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