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Best Inversion Tables for Your Home

by Craig Blake

A woman getting the best inversion table workout of her life

On a planet where gravity is constantly trying to bring us down, humanity has finally turned the tables on physics with the invention of inversion tables. The process of inversion therapy is designed to decompress the spine and release toxins. If you are tired of the same old exercise methods, turn your routine on its head with a brand new inversion table. Inversion tables come in several different models with different features, so get educated before you pick out the best inversion table for you and your home.

Inversion Table Models:

  1. Table: Among inversion therapy tables, the classic inversion table is the most common style; it provides full-length support for the body while inverted. If you try to imagine an inversion table, this is the model that likely comes immediately to mind.

  2. Seat: The basic inversion table has a straight back, and the user lies flat. A seated inversion machine is shaped like a chair; the upper body bends at the hip to straighten the lower spine. Seated inversion machines produce less stress on hips, knees and ankles than classic inversion tables, and many are adjustable to serve persons of different heights. If you go this route, be sure to get an inversion machine with a seat belt!

  3. Roman chair: An almost completely different machine compared to the standard inversion table, it has a rest for the hips and a padded bar for the ankles or knees, but the Roman chair has no back support. Stretch out face down on the chair and lean forward to invert the upper body only. Depending on the model, your lower legs point straight behind, at an angle or straight up while your upper legs are level or at an angle. Your upper body is unsupported; you can invert or try some reverse abdomen crunches. These inversion table exercises may be right for people with ankle or knee issues or those who want more workout than stretch, but a Roman chair does not involve the whole body as well as the original design.

  4. Mini: Mini inversion tables resemble classic inversion tables, except this model is short enough that you cannot fully invert. Many people find great relief with less than full inversion, and if space is tight, these models of inversion therapy tables will be perfect.

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