Best Hostess Gift Ideas for Christmas

Best Hostess Gift Ideas for Christmas

A table setting, a great christmas gift idea for a girl who loves to host
She’s the one serving the finer food, initiating conversation, and refreshing everyone’s drinks. She’s the hostess with the mostest, so treat her to a thoughtful Christmas gift that shows your appreciation. Hostesses exemplify hospitality, so look for gifts that will add to her repertoire of party ware. If she already has a fully stocked arsenal of party gear, consider a personalized item or gourmet gift basket. For more shopping inspiration, read on to see our list of top holiday gift ideas for the hostess.
A table setting, a great christmas gift idea for a girl who loves to host

1. Decanters

Nothing breaks the ice at a Christmas party like a few drinks. Choose a decanter as your hostess gift to help her aerate wine or store fine whiskey for any of her upcoming parties. Decanters are also lovely display pieces when not in use. Look for a unique decanter that will draw attention to her home bar or drink cart. If she’s not inclined to sipping the hard stuff, a beautiful glass carafe for serving non-alcoholic beverages can be a thoughtful gift for your hostess.

2. Candles & Candle Holders

The best hostess gifts set the mood for her Christmas party and shindigs all year round. A beautiful collection of candles and unique holders is just the thing to warm up the conversation and set the tone of the evening. Candles and candle holders are affordable hostess gift options for any budget. From modest votive holders to eye-catching tapers, candles are a charming way to thank your gracious hostess.

3. Personalized Wine Glasses

Bringing a bottle of wine to the Christmas party is a classic hostess gift everyone can enjoy. If you’re looking for hostess gift ideas that are a little more personal, consider a set of monogrammed wine glasses or barware. For the hostess who loves serving up drinks with her hors d’oeuvres, this is an appreciative gift she can use at her legendary Christmas parties for years to come.

4. Cheese Boards

The holidays are a time to spoil the special people in your life, and your Christmas party hostess is no exception. A beautiful cheese board is a gift your hostess can use for parties or casual evenings in. Made from materials ranging from solid teak wood to smooth slate, cheese boards come in a variety of styles, and there’s sure to be one that matches her serveware or kitchen decor. Go a step further and gift your hostess a set that includes a few tools to make serving up cheese and fruit even easier.

5. Serving Trays

Whether she displays Christmas table decor or serves up finger food, your hostess will find a creative way to use a new serving tray. Look for a tray that complements your hostess’s table decor. Also, consider how much room she has in her home and on her table to determine how large of a tray you should buy. If she likes to prepare small snacks, consider gifting her a tiered serving tray. If dips are more her thing, look for a segmented tray that can accommodate more than one option.

6. Wine Stoppers

Once the party’s over, save her from wasting the remaining wine. Wine stoppers are welcome hostess gift ideas when she has a barware collection. You can find wine stoppers in a range of styles, from abstract and animal shapes to crystal and novelty options. They’ll keep previously opened wine fresh and bottles safe from spills.

7. Chip and Dip Sets

Chip and dip trays are clever gifts for the hostess whose Christmas parties are full of good eats. They’re the easiest serveware for displaying and offering crowd-pleasing dips or salsas for all her parties. From festive painted platters to beautiful wooden bowls, this serveware set is a welcome gift for any hostess.

8. Fruit Bowls

A fruit bowl is a unique gift that can act as a statement piece for your hostess’s dining table. Look for an attractive bowl that complements her decor theme. Whether it’s made of modern bamboo, hand-thrown ceramic, classic crystal, or polished aluminum, a fruit bowl is a creative Christmas gift to express your appreciation for a memorable evening.

9. Coasters

Both useful and budget-friendly, coasters are stylish hostess gift ideas that can show your gratitude. Treat your Christmas party hostess to a full set of drink coasters that protect tabletops and add to her decor. You can find holiday coasters that complement her seasonal decor or choose simple cork or marble coasters that she can use all year round. The important part is picking coasters that match her home and personality.

10. Gourmet Gift Baskets

For the Christmas party hostess who has everything she needs, consider a gourmet basket full of fresh fruits, chocolates, or other gourmet food gifts. She’ll be able to share all the edible treats with her family or keep the best for herself. The basket also doubles as a decorative element she can use for future parties.

11. Kitchen Aprons

A kitchen apron is one of many great gift ideas for your holiday party hostess, especially if she loves baking and cooking. From simple to funky, aprons come in a variety of patterns and styles to match her personality. They protect clothes from cooking messes, leaving her free to get creative in the kitchen without ruining her outfit.

12. Dish Towels

A set of dish towels is a kitchen staple your hostess can never have enough of, especially if her Christmas parties tend to get a little crowded and need frequent cleanup. Thanks to the  variety of available materials, sizes, and patterns, it’s should be easy to find a gift set that matches her kitchen decor and needs.

13. Kitchen Gadgets

When looking for hostess gift ideas, think outside of the box and with kitchen gadget gifts. From specialty appliances like ice cream makers to practical gadgets like vacuum sealers, there’s a unique kitchen gadget she’s bound to love.

14. Seasonal Decor

Your hostess is a professional when it comes to embracing the holiday season. If she’s got all the party and serving ware she needs, bring her more seasonal decor to put on display. Decor for the holidays is something she can use every year to add to the ambiance of her famous parties. Garlands, table linens, lawn ornaments, and tree decor are just a few gifts on the list of seasonal goodies you can bring your hostess.

15. Printed Art

A well-styled space is crucial for any gathering, whether it’s homey or modern. When she has a flair for art and design, a piece of fine art is the perfect gift for a hostess to add to her collection. Whether on canvas or print, pick a piece that reminds you of her and matches the rest of her home. Choose a well-known reproduction by a classic artist or go with something more bold and contemporary, depending on her style.

16. Photo Frames

If buying art for her feels risky, try bringing a frame she can add to her current collection. Whether it’s a simple frame she can use in any room or an elaborate option meant to draw the eye, this is a gift your hostess gets to decide how to use. Another option is to buy a set of frames in various sizes, allowing her to finally start that gallery wall she’s always wanted.

17. Coffee Mugs and Accessories

For the Christmas party hostess who needs her caffeine, bring her a new coffee mug or other coffee accessory. French presses and coffee grinders are fun hostess gift ideas that leave her with rich-tasting coffee on the first try.

18. Tea Set or Infuser

If your hostess prefers tea, contribute a little something to her collection. For the hostess with a more traditional style, give her a dainty classic tea set with a floral print, perfect for winding down on Christmas eve. You can also find more modern versions available with saucers and cups to set out for Christmas morning. If she prefers loose leaf tea, a new infuser is a treat she’ll love.

19. Set of Bar Tools

If she’s a skilled mixologist, start with a set of bar tools for your hostess gift ideas. Help her whip up her signature cocktails or new flavor experiments bound to be popular at parties. Most sets come with a drink shaker, stirrer, jigger, and strainer to assist in making a range of cocktail creations.

20. Blankets or Throws

Give your hostess a gift she can use long after the Christmas party’s over. A cozy blanket or throw is a reliably good gift for the holiday season. Help your hostess keep warm with a blanket in her favorite color made from ultra-soft material.

21. Hand Towels

With all the guests coming to her party, the bathroom probably may need a little attention. Help her always be ready for company with some fresh new hand towels. You can find sets in assorted colors and styles to match her bathroom decor. Whether she wants a practical set or something more decorative, this is a great hostess gift that will make her party preparations easier.

22. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Add a little spice to her life with holiday salt and pepper shakers. Good for every meal and every occasion, a special set for parties is a thoughtful gift to thank her for hosting. You can find festive holiday shakers as well as classic traditional ones that will add some personality to her table settings. She can switch them out for parties or daily use, so having more than one set of shakers shouldn’t be a problem.