Best Heys Luggage for Your Traveling Teen

Green hardside Heys luggage
Traveling shouldn't be a drag, especially for your adventurous teen. Heys luggage has a variety of luggage that will appeal to both your traveling teen and the fun-loving side of all of us. Instead of buying your teenager stuffy, square luggage, get him or her trendy Heys luggage. If there is one thing we know, reading a teen's mind is hard work. That's why we are here to help you construct the perfect Heys luggage set for your teenager.

Green hardside Heys luggage

Heys Luggage for Teens:

Travel Light

Dragging heavy luggage around an airport is no fun. Instead, pick up a Heys lightweight luggage set. Heys lightweight luggage comes in several different colors and patterns to match every personality. And because it comes in a matching set, you don’t have to worry about picking out each individual piece of luggage. Just because you’re teen who will be rolling with a stylish luggage set doesn’t mean it can’t be functional.

Get a Creative Carry-on

Amplify your brand-new Heys luggage set with a separate Heys carry-on. Whether you want a color or pattern to match your set, something new to spice up your collection or a stand-alone, creative way to travel, Heys carry-on luggage is diverse enough to help you find whatever look you want. Your teen will love to roll his playful Heys carry-on luggage behind him. Getting on a plane never looked so fun.

Keep Accessories Close at Hand

Long-distance travel wouldn’t be complete without a Heys sling bag. Coming in several varieties of animal prints and abstract patterns, you’ll be able to find a look your teen will love. Heys sling bags have dozens of pockets for storage and other features, including a bonus passport bag, a mini LED flashlight and mirror, a water bottle pocket and an easy-access cell phone pocket. Your teen will easily be able to carry all the odds and ends she wasn’t able to fit in her luggage or wants available during her travels. A Heys sling bag is a perfect way for teens to carry iPods, cell phones, books or anything else they might want to use while traveling.

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