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Best Hallway Lighting Ideas

Best Hallway Lighting Ideas

Hallway Entrance with Sconces
Whether you want track lighting to keep the walkway visible and to help you avoid tripping on any furniture or elegant wall sconces that light up your decor, the following suggestions will help you find the right hallway light for your space. Read on for the best hallway lighting ideas. Keep your hallway well-lit and attractive when you buy the right hallway lighting fixtures for your home. While it is a functional part of a home, the hallway is often ignored during the decorating process, especially when it comes to lighting. Avoid this trend and keep your hallway looking open and airy with the proper lighting.
Hallway Entrance with Sconces

Hallway Lighting Styles:


For a home that has wall lighting instead of ceiling lights, sconces provide light in an elegant way. There are a variety of wall sconces that go with any type of room decor, including styles made of iron or crystal and sconces that fit both contemporary and traditional homes. No matter which style you like best, you can find wall sconces that work in small or narrow hallways. These light fixtures should be placed at least 5 feet above the floor to provide ample light; wall lighting can also be used to enhance existing decor, such as paintings or framed photographs.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is elegant and modern, and it creates a well-lit environment for you and the guests in your home. This type of hall lighting is functional and allows you to customize the light flow throughout the space. Track-style hallway light is ideal for long hallways because it provides ample light for the entire length of the walkway without being too obtrusive. You can also adjust this style of home lighting to illuminate particularly dark corners or even shine on doorways. Look for track lighting that comes with a dimmer option if you would like to increase or decrease brightness throughout the area. Chrome or stainless steel hallway lighting fixtures can complement many homes, as can classic black fixtures.

Recessed Lighting

Many newer homes come with recessed lighting, especially in the hallway. Ideal for hallways that have a low ceiling, recessed light fixtures are simple and keep any room looking fresh and uncluttered. You may use recessed lighting to provide ample light in the hallway or use it as an accent piece for artwork or other wall decor. Because it lacks the hardware that accompanies many other lighting ideas, recessed lighting may help the room appear larger. However, these types of hall lighting fixtures should be evenly spaced to avoid looking too harsh or commercial. Place lights around the hallway ceiling to create a warm ambiance.